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  1. I've heard garlic is a natural antibacterial and does wonders for cholesterol, heart, etc. However, raw/cooked fresh garlic tends to aggravate my acne and the smell practically seeps out of my pores. Just wondering, does anyone else have this problem? I can't help it because I love garlic, but for some reason powdered garlic does not have the same effect on me. Curious. What do you think?
  2. Consider dropping the crappy foods from your diet next time, if not for your skin, for your general health. It's not unbenknownst to most that pizza/milkshakes/hamburgers/french fries are not the utmost nutritous foods. Next time you want to meet a hot chick, not only will you have clear skin, but you won't be fat! I thought hot chicks loved fat guys who eat greasy pizza and milkshakes. two negatives don't make a positive. Pizza is amazing. I would rather have a huge scar on my forehea
  3. stay calm!!! If you want to get the job you're going to have to forget that you have a few pimples and start preparing for the interview, if you know your shit who cares what you look like. just know your shit. be friendly and visualize yourself getting the job and then get it. walk in with the intention that you're gonna get the job. don't think about how someone thinks you look while you're gettin interviewed. what a distraction... might you be procrastinating? trying to find some things to be
  4. I would definitely NOT put BP on it, but that's just me, you can experiment with it if you want to. My experience has been that BP and broken skin i.e. ruptures do not play nicely. It seems comparable to pouring toxic waste on your enemy's corpse after you've already mutilated him. I think He's dead now. Well, lets just make sure. Immediately after he goes down, I usually clean with some alcohol based astringent, witch hazel works for me, I know somebodies gonna complain about how bad it stings,
  5. grats. you could start by drinking decaf tea, and move up to reg. tea and then coffee. if success follows then rule out caffiene?
  6. you are getting verrrry sleeepy..... your acne is vanishing before your eyes.
  7. in this case, i think necromancer does make a compelling argument. a time honed maxim on this forum and from the acne vs. diet argument is: everyone is different, there is no magic bullet when it comes to choosing a diet. people often fall prey to the whims of psychologists and doctors. they try to reinforce that people who choose to live their lives a certain way "may have a problem" and need to "talk to [their] doctor about... {insert paranoia fed disorder here}. However I think this thread is
  8. I put 100 % desert mesquite honey from TJ's in oatmeal, tea, on slices of bread (in moderation). it doesn't seem to break me out at all.
  9. flaxseed oil is highly perishable and requires refrigeration and darkness. Since you don't know how the capsules you are buying were created and stored, I would say there is less of a risk of spoilage when dealing with bottled flaxseed oil, although inconvenient for those who don't like the taste of flax. I don't know how long capsules will hold up unrefrigerated...
  10. didn't school end? aren't you going on to bigger and better things? forget senior year. it's over. high school is what you make of it. it doesn't have to suck, but almost always does. an interesting paradox.
  11. sounds good mmmmm wonder if it will taste like a thin mint... the bars i made came out sort of funky and wet, I used too much honey would've been better with less. I used a trail mix made by a local up in the north country, it has many different varieties of dried fruit ( i think maybe ten) it has poppy seeds and sesame seed and flax seeds in it, has the consistency of a fine ground meal though (was looking for a use for it). Took that and put into a food processor with honey and coconut. flatte
  12. more power to you, it's your life, live the way you want to. don't take no guff, but in the end anyway you are really the person who has the last say on whether you have a 'problem' or not. I've taken your attitude before, it's a good one. And if you decide the battle needs to be taken up again, everyone will still be here to help you obsess, confuse, mislead and enlighten you.