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  1. Seems like every medicine I have used has given me limited amounts of relief from the swells all over me. I have severe acne, indicated by the doctor, marked my swollen nodules, pastules and so on.... It would'nt be so bad if it was just confined to one area, but it's all over. I have it over my back, some on my chest, my neck, around my head's hairline, and it's really becoming disturbing. I am riddled with acne, and it's one of the most emotionally effecting things. I am an athlete and I
  2. I cannot believe this, in my longterm battle with acne, its showing promise now.. I'm ecstatic i have never been at this level ever with my battle, 5 days without a pimple, irritation, or even the vague scratchy feeling and slight pain of a new pimple coming up.... i feel great and my skin is looking quite vibrant... Now how i got there... Well i basically stumbled onto the missing faction of my treatment... i rarely used to use moisturizer because it was at the end of my regimen i used an
  3. ALright folks this is the regimen i am about to start. Morning -- wake up 1. Shower for 15-25 minutes use neutrogena oil free acne wash towards the end wash for 30 seconds.. leave on for another 10 10.. then wash off 2. While waiting on bp I dress and get books n crap ready. 3. Apply bp 4. eat while waiting for moisturizer 5. Moisturize 6. eat if more left.. check hair and do any final preparations. Morning if i shave... this is basically the same thing. I shave on
  4. butter


    ok this really really sucks. I have this bump on the end my nose and it is red. it wouldn't be so bad if it wasnt on my damn nose! It's red and i popped it bout a month a go. Now its still bump and looks like a pimplie, but no whitehead or nothing. Just a red bump, which looks like it has internal bleeding. I am not applying bp to that area. I am applying as much neosporin as i possibly can. I thought the mark would become brownish now and i cud begin coping with it fading away. BUT I
  5. I also get a very oily and shiny facial complexion later on during the day. What can i do about that. I had the same problem when i was on dan's regimen. I have noticed that with neutrogena oil free wash it does eliminate oil, but that is only when there is no moisturizer after the application. I dont know what to do. Can someone help?
  6. butter


    how long did it take for the blackheads to subside?
  7. I have a bunch of blackheads and pesky small pimples on my nose. This area and the nearby cheek area is becoming more blackhead prone. Is there anything I can do? I am using Neutrogena oil-free acne wash as well as Neutrogena on the spot wherever I feel a pimple is coming or to treat previous pimples. I do not incorporate a moisturizer, but I do use Neutrogena skin clearing moisturizer to help sometimes. In the morning I just wash my face with the oil free acne wash and at night, sometimes,
  8. i Have a lot of blackheads on my nose. Does anyone know what i should do about them? They are on my nose so i dont want any breakouts either HElp please
  9. I am done with this benzoyl peroxide attempt to cure my ailing acne. This program has shown me no improvement for one month and 2 weeks. I am leaving it behind me. I dont have the patience to clean my face for an hour a day I have stuck by the program so far and it has yielded no results. My acne is as bad as ever. I am moving on to see what other programs there are out their that i can use. ANd if nothing happens by January i am opting to resort to the doctor who last time didnt help. T
  10. Monday night the number of actual pimples has decreased but i still have some red spots and will try the lemon thing. My face burns in the areas that i coat twice with the benzen peroxide because of the numerous small pimples. IS taht supposed to happen. I have also switched to sensor excel. Anything i can do... what happens if i dont pop a pimlple?? Thanks
  11. I got the tinted formul;a by accident.. for neutrogena on the spot acne treatment..does it matter ?
  12. thank you texas mom tam and smee. My question to you guys how do i put moisturizer on those areas with dense, small,m pimples. Before i smear it or after?.. Thanks again
  13. Today will be the last day to day postup for me. From now on i shall do a weekly post about my progression. Today i popped a few new zits and again followed the complete routne. I am still experiencing an oily face throughout the day. I also got a small breakout as well. I dont think this is bad, i think it will be gone very soon. Anyway i have just completed the nightly routine and have been drinking a lot of water. I workout 3-5 days a week and throught out it i sweat a lot..does this af
  14. Today i went through the regimen in the morning and at night. Throughout the day my face was very oily. I followed the regimen very closely without shaving. Is there anything i can do to reduce the oiliness. I also popped a few zits. lol Help a guy out please.. thanks