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  1. Is it worse than when you started? Oh and what's ur prescription are there different doses/strengths? I hope it gets better real soon!
  2. My insurance covered it, i paid 3 bucks. do a search online maybe u'll find real prices. oh mine was in a jar not a tube it was 50g
  3. For those who've tried retin-a. How well did it work for you??
  4. I have benzaclin. It did absolutely nothing for me. I'm broken out worse than ever. I hope it works for you if you try it.
  5. Did your dermo suggest accutane to you or did you go in and request it? I'm thinking of just requesting it from a new dermo, my current one keeps giving me crap that does nothing for me and accutane worked for everyone i know.
  6. Your skin looks perfect!! Did retin-a do that for u or are you just lucky. I'm jealous!!