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  1. Received my Threelac on Saturday and began taking it immediately. In four days I have seen an unbelievable improvement in my acne. I am really excited to see what a few months with this product will do for me. I beleive that anyone who has been on antibiotics long-term could benefit a lot from an acidophillus supplement like Threelac. I cannot belive the results after just a couple of days, my skin is smoother, less irritated, and I've had almost no breakouts in four days after always havin
  2. ROC, just curious......you mentioned you had acne on your face, neck, chest, back, and arms. Did the Threelac only help your face and neck (as you wrote), or has it also cleared you chest, back, and arms?
  3. ROC, I've just ordered some Threelac and it should arrive on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping it works. Based on your explanation and what I have read at various websites, this product will only be beneficial to a very select group of acne sufferers........those who have over-extended their use of antibiotics. I definitely fall into this category after having used minocycline for almost 5 years. Those who are considering it, do your homework and see if your symptoms reflect those of
  4. ROC, you mentioned your acne is now "very mild." How bad was your acne before taking ThreeLac? And did you take minocycline up until you started taking ThreeLac?
  5. Sweet Jade, you seem to have done your homework on the topic of natural cures for acne. I think its great that people are looking for other ways to cure this problem, as I know the difficulties of long term anti-biotic use. I have always been a skeptic from past experiences of trying to avoid fatty/greasy/sugar foods, not much luck in improving my acne. However, I recently took the next step to avoid starches in my meals (white rice, white bread, etc) while taking a pharmaceutical grade multi
  6. This probiotic issue is completely new to me, sorry for any ignorance if its already been discussed. Have any of you taken the probiotics and successfully come off of an antibiotic without experiencing any increase in acne? I for one cannot get off of minocycline without getting a breakout, and i am too chicken to see how long the breakout period will last, maybe forever?! My derm refuses to believe that Minocycline can cause such an imbalance of good/bad bacteria and says that it is nothing to
  7. http://home.earthlink.net/~mexter5/acne_an...antibiotics.htm Here is a link that I stumbled upon. This Leo Kiessen guy claims to have an acne cure, and an in depth knowledge of anti-biotic effects. This sums up a potential answer to long term use of these drugs. Although there is no scientific evidence cited (he says its cited in the $25 book), his explanation makes some sense to me only becasue I have experienced this difficulty in getting off anti-biotics without getting a worsened state of
  8. Marcus, that SEVERAL years, not seven. But I have heard more than a few derms say that continued indefinite use is ok, as long as none of the side effects are present.
  9. I was on and off mino for several years. The one thing I noticed was that after going off the drug, I had much worse acne. But this only lasted for a few months before settling down. Also, the mino never really stopped working for me, it just stopped working as effectively as it originally did. I just recently quit mino again, started taking amoxicillin with great results. But only a week and a half into the amo course, I got mononucleosis and now have a terrible rash (just my luck!!). Apparentl
  10. I just swithced from Minocycline (3 yrs use) to Amoxicillin and thought I'd see if anyone had any feedback on this drug. I was getting a little worried about the long-term efects of mino after being diagnosed with pityrosporum folliculitis, which causes "acne-like" breakouts all over you body. Anyone tried this? How long to kick in? Initial breakouts? How long did it work? Etc. Thanks for any feedback!
  11. Kristiana, I had the same effect after taking minocycline steadily for several years. I began to get small brekaouts on back, chest, arms and even legs occasionally, especially in the hot humid summer months. My doctor said mino was not the cause, but after I stopped taking it, the breakouts went away and were restricted to my facial area. I have heard that cycline's can cause people to become more prone to breakouts in areas where they never were before, while still reducing the larger breakout
  12. I am still on minocyclibe for the time being, but I understand that the scars do go away, however they can take up to a full year to finally heal. Apparently the mino can take up to a year to leave your body if you've been on it long enough.
  13. Minocycline does cause scars to heal slower, at least it has for me. This is more likely to occur after long-term use, like 6 months or more. In the beginning you probably wont notice much difference. After extended use typical acne scars may take a while longer to heal and larger scars, like cuts and abbrasions, may never really go away. They leave a dark mark on the skin.
  14. I can't understaind why these docs refuse to tell us about these serious side effects!?? Skin discoloration, yellow teeth, prone to breakouts everywhere on body, rough on the liver, slow scar healing.....anything i'm missing here? I'm off this drug soon, there's gotta be something better. I'm into mountain biing and get plenty of dings on the legs, I couldn't figure out why they took so long to heal, or even heal at all. Does this condition go away by stopping use of mino? On the plus sid
  15. Wondering if anyone has used minocycline for a couple of years steadily andwhat side effect you have had? I've been on it for about two years and am beginning to become prone to breakouts almost anywhere. My face remains reasonably clear however. Prior to using mino, I would normally get pimples on face, and some back/chest but I could normally keep these under control in summer. Now it seems i can get em anywhere!!?? Anyone else had this occur?