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  1. I have a mach 3 razor right now but I'm going to go get a sensor excel soon. I'm wondering if the Sensor Excel blades will fit on the Mach 3 handle/stick thing? So if they do could I just get the refill blades instead of getting the whole razor? Does anyone know? I know the blades on the Venus and Mach 3 are interchangeable but I'm not sure about the Sensor... Thanks
  2. Eggs are great, and there's so many ways you can make them they never get boring!
  3. Oh, and has anyone had any side effects from Tetracycline? It says that some are nausea, vomiting, etc. Anyone have them?
  4. I just got both of these today from the doctor and I want to know if either will cause an initial breakout. Does anyone who has or is using these know? Thanks
  5. If I were to use Neutrogena Acne Wash in the morning (2% SA) and at night use 2.5% BP would that be okay? Would it be too irritating or anything to cause me more breakouts? If someone could answer me soon I would rally appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. I heard that using aloe vera to shave with (like shaving cream) is good for your skin and helps to reduce irritation. Can someone tell me if its good to shave using aloe vera instead of shaving cream? Thanks.