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  1. Is it safe to get your naval (bellybutton) pierced while on accutane? I will start taking accutane on January 30th and will get my naval pierced in February and was wondering if it would be safe.. Can someone help me out? Thanks
  2. I've decided to try accutane to get rid of my acne.. But i don't know if i should go to my doctor or a dermatologist. My sister said it is better to go to a doctor for oral prescriptions.. Im confused, does it even matter?
  3. OK, my life story made short. -Got acne in the 3rd Grade -Didn't think much of it, thought i'd grow out of it -Ance starts to get worse every winter -Acne got worse in the 9th Grade -Low self esteem hits (can't look people in the eyes, try to cover face when people look, etc..) -I Haven't been to ANY parties or hangouts with my friends since the summer because my skin got WORSE -Differin made my skin even shittier -DDF Benzoyl Peroxide 5% with Tea Tree Oil helped but all of a sudden its no long
  4. I dont know but has anyone tried the DDF 5% BP with Tea Tree Oil? I'm gonna try out this new routine and it recommends 2.5% so i was just wondering