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  1. lol michala get off the stage. gaz i think that pic is class ... turns me on 2
  2. does going swimming mess up your acne.. because i have 2 go swimming once a week and im on the regimen and obviously the bp gets washed off... does the chlorine really mess up your acne. because when i come out of the water my face is RED. embarasing #-o does it help ur acne or make it worse either way im still going to go swimming because i like it
  3. lol.. funny topic Hey guys .. my acne battle sounds funny
  4. what percent do u all use... just wondering
  5. ryanm u might be right im on week 5 and the redness is really really slowly getting less red and i do have sensitive skin .. but i thought benzoyl peroxide was baaaad when some1 here told me this site check it out http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/BE/benzoyl_...l_peroxide.html
  6. the redness on my skin wont go away ... dan when u said that the bp was harmless are u sure because its messing up my skin... IM GOING MAD WITH DIS i cant stand A-C-N-E its a fuckin bitch of a thing
  7. crew .. ive been on the regimen for 4 weeks. i cant take it. its just getting harder and harder.. i just feel like giving up .. im still getting pimples (spots). and i looked better week 3 and these things cost 2 much money. i think im going to call it quits. stop using the bp. just stick with washin my face. because im too busy now with school and everything i dont have enough timee for all of it what should i do.... im sick of it........................ /
  8. people why are u letting a few pimples ruin ur life just do the regimen quickley go out with ur friends .. so what if some1 looks at ur face .. in about 2 months u would be clearer so dont worry about that shit. this is the first time i came to the emotional acne board because i dont give a shit about the emotional side of acne i just go out and have FUN GOOD CLEAN FUN
  9. hmm same as me im on the third week and i looked better on the 3rd week on dont get it. and my face is still a bit red. i dont think im using the write products Clearasil Icewash Brevoxyl 4% and Nivea Moisturiser. because i cant get dans products over here so what else can i do?????????
  10. just stick 2 washing ur face twice a day and leave ur make up theres no point washin it off and putting it on again :-k
  11. whatever you say. any1 else have any comments plz [-o<
  12. hmm wat do u use? :-k ({|=
  13. please put in how long you were on the regimen for. if u were on the regimen for longer than 4 weeks than just post a reply or if u are off the regimen just post a reply [-o< im just on my 3rd week now and its gonna okay!
  14. should i stop using it?