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  1. if theres a filipino store near you look for maxi peel (product of Phils) 4%hydroquinone. it will peel your skin revealing clea skin. i used that for my hyperpigmentation. its really good and far CHEAP. if you want lower %of hydroquinone you can grab extraderm exfolliant. it depend on which # you need. available in #1-4 im using #3 and its good really.
  2. i stop using differin after using it for 5 wks its making me worse, it totally raped my face. my gp says it will get worst before its gets better, but for how long? until theres no more space on my face for break out? its a crap.dnt wanna use it again
  3. im using rosehip oil (kamea) its doin wonder on my dry skin cause by differin. im just wonderin if you can also use it on acne prone skin or just the scars alone? i do have brown scar (hyperpigmentation) and i can see it helps. just put 3-4 droops of water and massage it to damp/wet skin.
  4. Same here, im on differin for a month now and its making me worse, they said to wait for a weeks more but i dont want to, differin makes me read and gives me lots of pigmentation.
  5. amethys


    good on you,,our prod workin good on you. its far cheaper than almost anythin you've tried ei?
  6. ok,,I been to derma today just for a second opinion,,after checking my skin i asked for accutane she refused assuring me that my acne is not really "clinically severe" (its mainly on my chick area) insted she put me on differin the same med mg gp given to me, she said give it 4 wks to see how it go. anyway for update, my skin is not as dry and red as i was in the pic.
  7. thanks strawberryface i must be applesface at least someone out there know how i feel more w/ a same situation! honestly,, i rly feel so nervous each day in fact i havent send them yet The "Invitation and the Parental Permit" for my son to travel w/ them. I want to pospone their arrival and its breaking my heart because im missing my 3yrs old son.. besides i dunno wat to explain when they ask me about this crap. they know i have acne but they didnt know this bad. cuz its not used to be so ba
  8. im using pure rosehip oil and a sunscreen w/ aloe,rosehip,tea-tree oil etc on it. i hope it will work on me.
  9. Have you tried benzoil peroxide? Your skin isn't that bad. Dan's regimen would really clear your skin up, because it has benzoil peroxide in it, and that works. so wat is exactly this benzoil peroxide? can i get it frm pharmacy? it is a brand? cuz theres no neutrogena on -the-spot here in australia. im using cethapil bar.
  10. none,,its just that i wanna know if this topical gel will work for me. isnt it that will make u worse before it will clear you up? im afraid that it will make my acne 20times fold.!
  11. i jst been to my GP today but she said wait for another 4 wks, if its still no improvements she may then recommend me to specialist whom might give me accutane. i dnt have any allergy, well, if its no improvements accutane will be my last resort. coz its too early to tell, im jst on my early wks of differin and she said that it will get worse before I see results,, the rest of my skin (face) is improving its just that im more worried about my right chin. thank u all.
  12. its so depressing! trying to fit the budget for treatments!
  13. and accutane is a NO No for me as mch as possible i look for natural remedies thanks alot im on my 3 wks of using differin is it jst a normal to expect worse? before eventually clear u up? i really feel so upset.
  14. I'vee been planning for this IPL thingy,,but its too expensive and i just cnt afford it my in laws were coming nxt month and i dont want them to see me in this scar-monster on my face (i envy their porcelain skin) Ok, Im on my 3 wks of using Differin gel (pm) doryx 100mg and JUliet 35 Ed (bc) My GP says it will get worse before i see results but i never expected this worst! i dunno know,,im really upset,, im too embarass to face my husband, i dont evn look at him if im talkin, im afraid of cl