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  1. moderate to severe. I have back acne as well. I was put onto roaccutane 37 days ago. I had yucky pussy cysty pimples on my back (around 20 to 25 pimples ranging from cysts under the skin to ones over the skin). Tane has sucked the pimples off my back from 25 lesions to about 2 and they are going down slowly. Are you on roaccutane? Your derm should perscribe it as you would be a suitable for it.. Good luck buddy! :) im not on anything yet but i hope he'll put me on it
  2. how bad would you rate this out of mild severe or um i dunno calm lol?? it worse on my back i hate it
  3. just wait until your appointment to the dermatologist, and you can ask her what's best for your skin/back acne. its a guy http://www.dermnetnz.org/directory/mckerrow.html
  4. Hey i got like real bad bacne and it kinda sux cuz i cant go to the beach and i gotta wear a rash shirt im going to the dermatologist in 7 days so what do you think i should do??? please help Mates??
  5. yea bro im goin to the dermatologist in 7 days for my acne on my back and chest hell put me on accutane
  6. Well ive got acne on my back and chest and shoulders and a lil bit on my chin. ive been to the doctors and he is sending me to the dermatoligist on the 12th january. But i was wondering what i could put on my body acne too make it not so bad??? on my face i use bp 10% and a cleaner??? Thanks
  7. langerrox


    um its me it wont let me post a pic of my chest where i got acne though
  8. hey ive been looking at this website for a bit now im 16 and live in new zealand just thought id say hello