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  1. So I was pretty sceptical about puting tape on my face but I've decided to try it and have gotten some pretty good results, red areas along my cheeks seem to be dulling out and I haven't had any major break outs in the areas that I'd tape durring the day time, the majority of my face is still covered in tape though because of the amount of trouble areas I've got but it's working for me though, I just went to walmart and bought a roll of scotch masking tape, it's like strong paper with an adhesiv
  2. this is just a bad idea, quitting masterbating is like... bending the time continueum (sp?) you could end the world man, men were designed to beat the meat, flog the dolphin, choke the monkey, whatever you wana call it, it's messing with nauture man... (i hope all you realize this was purely for comical reasons...but the world just might end!)
  3. In the past 3 weeks or so I've stopped applying bp on a daily basis, instead I switched to Neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask (5% bp) and I've seen the biggest reduction of my acne in years by using it 3 -4 times a week as a mask before I shower, if you look at the pictures in my gallery that were posted about 2 or 3 months ago, my acne has decreased by probably 75% from the way those look, plus scars and red spots seem to be fading, the only problem area I can't seem to aleviate is my upper ch
  4. ok, I've played soccer, football and rugby, all of them are rough in their own respect, when I played football, I was a running back and corner, in a 3 year varsity career I put 4 guys in the hospital from hits on both side of the ball...with soccer... it was different because guys take pussy shots at you by trying to trip you, if you try that on a football field your gonna get your block knocked off. rugby is just brutal, I began playing for my college's club team and I'd come back to the dorm
  5. i used to play highschool football and to keep sweat from reaching my face I'd wear a bandana underneath my helmet, it soaked up the sweat so it wouldn't run down your face, prolly one of the reasons why my acne wasn't too bad then.
  6. hmmmmph there's too much theological thought here to completely comprehend at this time of morning but it sounds good.
  7. btw, jackie what suburb are you from? I'm from wheeling (NW 'burbs) but go to school at EIU in charleston
  8. powerfull story but I'm too much of a realist to believe much of it, if it did happen I'm glad for you, for me one of the only times I've cried in my young adult-adult life besides deaths of family and friends was visiting isreal and visiting the wailing wall, I think I cried half that day.
  9. yea, they are the same thing... I think? anywhoo read your story and it's not all that different from mine or probably allot of other ppl's on here, I had super mild acne between 13-17 y/o then one day my mom started nagging at me about the "red shit" on my face and I became aware of this curse, I thought I'd grow out of it but 3 years later I'm still trying to beat the beast.
  10. I'm jewish and I've got acne... acne is one of those things that oversteps all religious boundaries.
  11. lol, I'm gonna try this cure 2nite before I goto sleep and i'll have to take a pic for you guys to see my face lol, it'll be 99% covered in tape.
  12. I'd kill to be back at my wrestling competition weight from highschool of 145, I'm 180 now and trust me, I've got more of a spare tire than a bulge, but even when I was 145lbs and less than 7% bodyfat I still had a bulge when I sat down.
  13. ya know it takes effort haha...I'm a total example of a drunken stoner studying before an 11am test I've got commin' in 10 hours.... was drinking screwdrivers and smoking untill about 2hours ago and realized I have a test to take so I've been cramming, thats how it is all the time for me.
  14. so, it's gorgeous today, feels like the first day of spring, high 60's, no wind, and the sun is showing brightly...not only was my 9am class cancelled, but my noon was too and when I took a friend to the lake nearby our college to hang out and enjoy the weather, guess who I found fishing at the lake? my noon class professor, what a bugger haha, but hey I couldn't blame him...it's AWESOME outside...
  15. http://www.eat-online.net/english/habits/germany_habits.htm http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsSupplements/...enicAcidcs.html - here's a bit about beer yeast & vitamin B. On top of that -- http://www.unibroue.com/beer101/sante.cfm Darker, heavier, and more fermented beers == more b-complex vitamins == better skin. Maybe it's only a little amount of b5, but maybe that was just enough to push me over the edge. Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Is it a negligible amount