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    i love everything! fightin texas aggie football games, delta gamma, running, tumbling, music, reading, smoothies
  1. accutane was 700 without insurance, and 420 for sotret- the generic. yikes!
  2. oh no, boys are totally allowed to do the concealer thing! i dont see why us girls can boost our self-esteem with foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss and boys can't do something. im not saying be feminine, but it helps! as far as getting that wet hair look for spiky hair, pretty much any clear gel in the tubes will say "extra hold" and if you put it in while your hairs wet and spike it up, it'll give you what you want... its how my brother fixes his hair, i like it!
  3. aggie kelly


    a picture or two of me?!
  4. ive been on yasmin about a month now, and been pretty depressed, im not sure it caused it though, it could also be triggered by finishing the semester/moving home/working/trying to get on friggin accutane. as for the comment about being on zoloft and gaining weight, i back you up there!! my senior year i was on it and gained 30 lbs while on it, despite cheerleading and running 3 miles a day, who would have thought?!
  5. SOOO glad I saw this, I teach gymnastics and get bumped a lot, but now it's started hurting, and even afterwards! I had no idea why I'm so friggin sensitive now. Stupid birth control...