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  3. Use Acne-aid soap and zeneryt cream it wonderfull, my sister used and the results was shown in the first week.
  4. i suggest to U to use Acne-Aid soap it really works for all acne types, my sister and I tried it and it work for both of us.
  5. I want to say that aloe vera cream may cause more cane because it contain oil in it, most of the time it used for dry skin. On other hand i used neutrogena for long time and it cause more acne for me so i stopped.
  6. I used the body shop vitamen E it realy great, and do not cause any oil on my face.
  7. How long you used this product to see the results?
  8. I want to ask if anybody used crystal peeling to remove scar , because i used it for three weeks and i didn't noticed any results.please ansewr me.