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  1. hi! do uhave before and after pictures?can i see them?please keep posting
  2. my derma told me that it takes 6 sessions of chemical peeling (with 6 days interval each) to clear my face of the reds and brown marks.. i think it really works.
  3. my derma told me that the only way to rid my face with the red and brown marks i have is to have six sessions of chemical peels(with 6 days intervals).. woud this really help???
  4. im asian too and tried almost all acne remedies found here on earth... the only thing which really works now is TEA TREE OIL. it does not make my face oily. all my pimples were gone after 2 weeks but im having some again because i put some whiteng cream on my face. try tea tree oil. it will surely work for you.
  5. just put tea tree oil all over ur face my friends. my face cleared up in just a week by cleansing it twice (day and night)with cetaphil gentle cleanser and by putting drops of tea tree oil. trust me it will also work for you because tea tree oil is a natural anti-bac-fungal-viral remedy sorry my english is bad im asian.
  6. wait!!!! dont use adapalene/ differin it will only make your pimple prob worse... believe me i've tried it on my right cheek. it got really worse. you better stcik with BP because of its antibacterial action. Differin is just like tretinoin, it will only make u break out more and i really don't know how will it treat/ cure your acne. what i also read is, it takes 8- 12 weeks before you see your face clearing up... so my advise is you stick with the BP regimen or try putting tea tree oil on u