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  1. Thanks, yup I have heard about it, have even tried ordering it but only to realize that they don't ship outside of US. ](*,) What about Jane iredale? Has anyone tried it? I think it's also mineral make-up.... :-k
  2. Doesn't make up causes acne to be worst? I wanted to try putting on some make up but I'm worried about the side effects... can anyone recommend to me some brands that won't cause breakouts? I know everyone is different, but i just wanted some opinion thanks
  3. I'm curious too. I've had serious giddiness with the pills.
  4. well InfiniteQuestions and guys, the typo error thing had me laughing so hard, i felt so much better(after a whole night of crying coz of my acne problem) after that good laugh, thanks, you guys on this board are all really great people.
  5. I meant no offence to anyone, but acne is perhaps the worst 'minor illness'(that's what i saw on a website) that can happen to anyone, and if you ask me, it's not minor at all. Ask anyone around this board or just anyone who you know have fought with acne for years, it's pure torture if you asked me. There are people who committed suicide because of depression over acne, and that's so sad. And we don't really need people who have not even gone through a little of what we went through to call us
  6. after not meeting for some time, my buddy looked on at me with that 'what the **** happened to you' look, then he started asking me LOUDLY: what happened? Don't eat too much fried food! why didn't you come to class for so long? Is it because of your pimples? I felt like giving him a punch in the face, strangle him and kick him down the building Kids asked me what happened to my face. i was trying to avoid the sun because i had medicine on my face and my doc say to shy away from the sun, then o
  7. 1) Both tetra and doxy don't work for me, so now i'm on mino, but it makes me very giddy. 2) They do help at first from what i've observed, but you tend to grow immune to them overtime and most prob you can't take a certain anti-biotic for a very long time 3) A few months at first, if no improvement, then for a few months more. that's what my derm does, but if after those few months, still nothing changes, then change a stronger anti-biotic Anti-biotic helps reduce the amount of acne g
  8. well don't bother, some people are like that, i even have kids coming up to me and ask me why is my face like 'that'?(coz they don't know what acne is- at their age) these people don't know what we are going through and spout so much nonsense, but i've met with people who are really caring for my skin condition. So don't freak out
  9. Well perhaps it's just you thinking that they look at you with disgust, most probably they are not. Some people who did are just morons if you asked me. And you say you are a religious person and have strong faith but if God didn't answer your prayer and take you, then can't you figure out why? Instead of praying that he take you, why not pray that he'll heal you? That would make sense if you are praying to a God whom you believed in. This is no religious reply, i'm merely saying what i felt. th
  10. Hmm even though it's possible that one can outgrow acne without using any medicine(yeah i guess but it just leaves plenty of scars and so on) but it's best not to take the risk, because it may be too late by the time he/she realize that he/she cannot.
  11. Hmm yes, my doctor warned me about this when she prescribed me some Doxycycline, but she said it's quite rare but it scares me a bit, but well I had to take the risk...
  12. I've had those times like you too, there were extreme times when I even stayed at home and refused to go to school until I got a warning letter from my school about how i may be disqualified for exams if i continue to absent myself, but life still goes on, and I realized that looking at this problem with optimism is SO MUCH MORE BETTER than just locking myself all day at home and cry non-stop. Your parents will understand, my mum always scolded me when I got so upset because of my acne and start
  13. I know how u feel, I felt this way too many times, it's like they can keep touching their face and scratch it and everything and they have such clear skin, if i were to even touch it a little bit more, i will surely end up with more acne... life's unfair