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  1. Hi Bug! Question - how long did it take to get your dermaroller from nova derm? I am leaving the country in less than 3 weeks and I'd like to bring it with me but I don't know if it will get to my house in time! I'd prefer not to spend $44 for the expedited shipping if I can avoid it. Also, I've been using a dermaroller and Active Serum from Leaf and Rusher for about 2 weeks now on some scars that I have on my forearm from a fall last year. They're really hideous scars (one is still pink!)!
  2. thanks for the suggestion - anyone else?
  3. Has Dan ever set up an acne.org conference? I think it'd be really awesome to meet other people face-to-face! Maybe he could bring his new moisturizer when it's out and showcase it there as well as the rest of his line. It'd be really great to meet him and other memebers who are so helpful and I think it'd be a real self-confidence booster to commiserate with other acne suffers.
  4. I used Cetaphil w/SPF every morning over top Lac Hydrin Five (because it doesn't have any SPF). I like it a lot because it's really light and it hasn't irritated my skin. It is a little greasy for me, especially since I use two moisturizers in the morning, but I always wear foundation and powder and the greasiness goes away and stays away. The one thing I don't like about it is the smell, however. I don't know if anyone notices this, but it smells a little funky (maybe I have an bad bottle e
  5. I really like proactiv's mask as well...how long are you leaving it on for?
  6. Can anyone share your favorite foundation primer? I'm looking for something that works but doesn't dry my skin out or break my skin out. Thanks!
  7. Just got my sudocrem today! I'm excited -- I hope it works. I put it on and it is hard to spread around and it smells strongly, but not unpleasantly. I hope my "nappy rash" disappears soon!
  8. I just tried it again and this time it looks really great! I dabbed a bit on my face but found it to be excessive so I just used the back of my hand. I tapped the foundation brush a bit and swirled it a little on my hand then I lightly tapped and brushed it over my face. It really does look a lot better so if I can get up early enough in the morning to do it I will! One problem though - it makes my skin dryer than it is using my fingers. I apply it right after my moisturizer. Any suggestio
  9. Day 31 - My skin is improving but still purging. I have one huge spot on the left side of my face - it's been active for about 2 days but has finally come to a head so I hope it dies quickly! It was not a surprise that it surfaced though because I felt it underneath a few weeks ago. I feel one more coming but after that I think it'll just be healing. I've added AHA as a spot treatment. I've really only noticed a bit of stinging and dryness with it - haven't seen much improvment otherwise.
  10. Has anyone found it beneficial to wash your face with warm/hot water then rinse off with cold water? I just remember hearing about Native Americans using steam to open pores and cold water to close them back up and that being an effective way to cleanse.
  11. Hmm...it's been a long time. I was a nanny last summer so I didn't wear it a lot then, but I always felt really awkward when I talked to the baby's parents without it on. Nowadays I usually just put enough on to cover the redness and blend (so it's not like I'm wearing a ton).
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone! I am thinking about using jojoba...we shall see. But I've been really careful about moisturizing and it seems to be helping. It sucks though to be 23 an have wrinkles that I know are not due to aging...
  13. I've never called out sick over it but have definitely forgone friends in favor of other lonely activities...
  14. I've seen it at CVS in the Philly area as well as Eckherd in VA.
  15. Hehe..I'm trying to be more conscious of touching my face -- maybe i'm a little uber-sensitive now!!!