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  1. LISTEN TO THE MAN, i say fuck it no real reason not to be on acutane, that stuff works wonders, besided its economically more sound. Count up the money you are gona spend (or already have for that matter) in order to keep you acne under controll, and than compare it with 6 months worth of acutane. Simple enough p.s mouse, whats that stuff about not lasting, my derm mentioned something to that effect before he put me on acutane, i have rather mild acne, why would acutane not stop it from eve
  2. wont soap clog up and cause more acne ? Also suprizingly my skin isnt dry, it actually kinda oily is there some thing wrong with me ? 8-[
  3. Guys a quick question, ive been on acutane for about 4 days now (yeah i know its a real short time) and hence my question, do you guys use any face wash like in the morning and at nite ?
  4. im on 40mm, but than aggain my acne is rather mild
  5. 3 Days ago i went to my vet and requested that he put me on accutane, making some grumpy noises, he out of the form and got me signing a bunch of stuff. He also warned me that because i don’t have cystic acne the effects of accutane won’t be long lasting, but if i want accutane than that’s what he’s going to prescribe. I'm kind of happy because i told him about accutane a while ago and he didn’t seemed to eager to put me on it. I was beginning to think t
  6. Guys i cant find crap in my local cvs, i know some of you konw of internet stores where i can oreder over the counter acne medications, im interested in bp strong enough to kill my backne which is becoming a increasingly bothersome situation. So plz help me out?
  7. try marykay.com, or if you cant find a vendor near you , my step mom sells em , so i guss i could send em out to you, should u be unable to get them anyother place, good luck, i got to tell you though this stuff really workes wonders for me
  8. sorry i didnt, , but i will now before im totaly clear perhaps ?
  9. Yes i did, for the first time i actually stuck to the regimen this week. And the results are unbelivable, i was so happy i was actually tempted to not do it this morning, although i do have some very mild acne left on my cheeks and somewhat on my forehead, they are so small that it no longer bothers me, today, for the first time in 2 years i was happy with the way my face looks, thank you dan ! What did i use to get such splendid effects ? well nothing more than what dan perscribes, a clense
  10. whats pamida and where can i order those porducts you guys mentioned earlier ? all we got around here in ct , usa is cvs and didnt see nothingl like what you said before
  11. where can i get them from, i live on the east coast usa, ct to be egzact
  12. yeah do you have any specific bp product in mind ? cause thats where im at a loss?
  13. i have the same god damn problem, the thign is that i tried leaving it alone and it spread down to my back, its like a fuckin invasion, and im sick of it
  14. could use some help you know, after all isnt that what the damn boards are for
  15. i dunno maybe its simply psychologoical, or perhaps it balances out some other lack in my body that could possibly cause breakouts i dunno it seems to help so ill keep on eatin