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  1. hey Sven, I hope you are doing well.

  2. all my problems are solved at the bottom of a pint glass of ice cream
  3. -Ru-

    hey there!

    whats ap art?

    im a 1st year animation student at the mo :D

  4. xxy

    awesome portfolio, are you in AP art?

  5. LOL you are out of internets

  6. i tried peanut butter and its why im clear today just smear a healthy amount of peanut butter over any active acne, the smooth kinda rather than the crunchy kind (i found crunchy kind didnt work as well), seemingly the high protein content of peanut butter helps ease the spread of bacteriaand promotes the healing process of your cells i believe the high protein content is what inspired the 'semen' myth, but thats just taking things too far IMO
  7. my mom once said that im spottier than a dalmation with measels, and spots painted on it
  8. i was

    um bigyellowlegoman?

    kafka on the shore?

    i dunno i change my name quite a bit

  9. Proves my point. Who were you before you changed ya name?

  10. hey man sawree but im not raleigh im a dewd

  11. I forgot you used to be Raleigh! Ha, damn all these name chages, I cant keep up.

  12. Ruairi! What's up? How is uni life?

  13. ah yeh its grand :D

    animation is hard :(

    whatd you study ?

  14. FKDFSJKLDJAS;LDasjdljalksdjlkasjdklajskldjaskldjajdajsdl;jlJKLAjdklajdlkjaslk;adjklaskdlaskldjaslkdjaslkdjalksdjls

    how bout that shit

  15. yea I went to UCD, im finished now though!

    hows your course goin?