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  1. While I was on Accutane it really stoped my skin from becoming oily, I could get by with washing my face once a day and even then it was not that oily. However after finishing accutane I notice the oilness coming back slowly. So I was wondering if supplementing with a slightly higher dose of Vitamin A might help. After all accutane is just a Vitamin A derative, so surely if you can tolerate accutane then wouldn't supplementing with vitamin A be safe? Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Hi does anyone know if the Dr Natura program www.drnatura.com is available in the UK? Also if anyone in the UK has the Dr Natura fibre and is willing to sell it please let me know. Thanks
  3. Thanks for that, is there any products you know that would be easily available, like at Boots in the UK? Cheers
  4. Hi people I am from the UK, would appreciate if fellow UK ppl can recommend the best moisturiser and lip balm to deal with any dry skin and dry/peeling lips. If you give a product and brand name and where to purchase that would be awesome, thanks.
  5. Hi, does anyone who has been on accutane or not know if its okay to have vitamins like, obviously not vitamin A, but like Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E etc? If its okay to have herbs like Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Olive Leaf, Oat's etc And if its okay to have other supplements like EFA oil's (flax seed oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, etc)? And other supplements like aloe vera, glutamate? Would appreciate any advice, thanks
  6. Craig I understand what your saying man, and I am going to try that. But we live in reality, and I am just being honest, if I don't get prescribed it purely on the basis the derm is against then on that point I will decide myself. If however tests are done and he says its in the interest of my health obviously then I would probably not go for it. Turnergirl I am sorry, I don't want to no way upset ppl who are currently on tane. I know it mustn't be easy, however atleast you have something which
  7. Then they all disagree and my life is crap? So I just live with it? That what you saying? I let derms decide on something thats affecting my life? Just cause few of them were against accutane, while hundred miles away from me there mite have been a derm who wud have put me on it? So your saying I let something like that decide the course of my life? I let something like that affect what I want to do? No I wont let that happen, if fellow acne sufferers here can't suggest to me where to buy it I
  8. Hi I would appreciate if anyone can tell me of any online place that sells accutane, either if they have purchased from it themselves or not. While I appreciate and respect people who advise against buying it on the net can I please tell you not to reply saying its not good idea. I only want to know so I have a back up plan, something to fall back on if you will. Thanks for understanding.
  9. Thanks guys for the responses. I hope to see what happens with the appointment and let it take its course. Still fighting my acne battle with natural remdies like the herbs that have done so much for me till now. Think it mite be better to try everything before going on tane. Herbs only work short time just like anti-biotics, however with less of the side-effects. See if they can carry me some more and put me off tane. But its good to know that option is still there. You guys are good, thats w
  10. Thanks for replying guys.....what a situation eh, this game of life can really be cruel sometimes. I understand what you guys are saying and know you mean well. And I have infact asked my doctor to refer me to a derm. However I will probably get to see him in like a few months. I was thinking though it cant be that bad to make a headstart if the derm is gonna give me acctuane anyway. And if he doesn't.....well I really don't wanna be messed around anymore and go on anti-biotics that I know wo
  11. Hi people, Im 20 (almost 21) now and have had acne since the age of 12. Needless to say it has ruined my teen years, I won't get those back however I can only look ahead. I have been following natural treatments for the majority of my battle with acne. However I am still breaking out. I am now thinking of purchasing Accutane on the net. I have found a site which I think seems good, I know its expensive but I live in the UK and if I was to go through the NHS (hospital system) then I would have
  12. Thanks for the quick responses I take herbs on basis of "liver cleansers" like burdock, dandellion and yellow dock and "liver builders" like milk thistle, artichoke and astragalus. However only the "liver builders" work on me, they work a charm. However when the herbs stop working I don't have anything to fall back on, thats my problem. I will give those a try that you all mentioned. I feel I need some blood cleansing and purifying herbs since the burdock, dandellion and yellow dock has never