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  1. Hi, I know how you feel. Being self conscious sucks. You could try removing it with one of the facial cream hair removers. I've had to use them on my face before I started on vaniqa so it wouldn't grow back. Maybe if your hormones level out it won't grow back like that.
  2. Hi Enviel, I stopped taking the pill at the end of March. Mid-May my skin went from totally clear to a total disaster. 10-12 huge painful pimples at a time. I'd just start to clear and think it was over when a new round would pop up. It's so frustrating. I think for me it was a combination of things. My pills got switced from Orthocept to Ortho Cyclen and I was spotting for 3 months straight, that was why I stopped taking them. Now, I haven't had a period since March. Kinda scary. Then, I got
  3. Hi. I had the same exact thing happen to me. I went off the pill and was fine for 2 months, then all hell broke loose on my face. I was completely clear and now it's an absolute disaster. I know it's the hormones but I don't know what to do. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of short of going back on the pill, which I really, really don't want to do. Over the past 3 months I've tried Acne Cure (worked years ago, not working so good now), ACV, Saw Palmetto, Various vitamins (Multi, O
  4. Hey. I logged on today cuz the same thing is happening to me. I'm heading into my 5th week and I just got the worst breakout ever (I even got one on my eyelid, WTF). Apparently this is normal so I guess I'll just carry on and hope that next week will be better. Thanks everyone! (Dan rocks!)
  5. I use Neutrogena Oil Free in the AM and Cetaphil in the PM.
  6. This was so true for me too. I was already taking all the supplements and tried several different things to get rid of my Acne. The Acne cure did get rid of it but when I stopped doing the ice packs with the BP it came back. I tried Botchla's regimine but it didn't keep it away. No matter what topicals I tried, it kept coming back. I did a few liver flushes. It got better, but it came back. Then I looked at the info regarding Acid/Alkali foods. I discovered I ate almost exclusively
  7. These things ROCK! They have the Rice Powder on one side which means I only have to blot once a day at lunch time!! The loose powder is great too! Got em at Sally Beauty Supply for $3.99 (blotting papers) and $5.99 (loose powder)!
  8. I've heard some people say they did the liver cleanse without doing the parasite cleanse and they were ok. Some people may feel sick after drinking the olive oil mixture if they have parasites. If you really want to flush give it a shot, at the worst you'll feel a little sick over night. If you do one thing to alter the above Cleanse do this: Mix grapefruit juice in with the Epsom salts INSTEAD of water!!!!! Epsom salts are the most vile tasting thing on this planet and when mixed with Gr
  9. Thank you so much you guys. This info was extremely helpful. I'm fairly certain I'm acidic which is causing me to breakout again. Hell, everything I eat is from the Acid side. Time to eat from the Alkaline side.
  10. Why me???? (I love coffee)
  11. For me, coffee is one of the worst things I can do for my skin. Even decaf makes me break out bad for some reason.
  12. That's happened to me too. Keep it away from your eyes. Also if you put moisturizer over the BP be careful to do your eyelids first before you go over the BP. My eyelids got really swollen when I wasn't being careful and got BP on them. Looked like I'd been crying all night long.
  13. Have you already read the info at curezone? http://www.curezone.com/cleanse/liver/default.asp