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  1. Ive had mine for almost 10 months, been on accutane for 9 months. Had Kenalog injections, nitogen treatments the like, you name it. Nothings changed a bit. What should i do? Im considering removing it myself pretty soon. Its colorless, and sticks out almost 1 cm. its the size of a quarter but a tear drop shape. the derm insists its acne. anyone have the same prob?
  2. The kenalog didnt work for me. is that normal? the cyst went down for a couple days, but its back to like it was before.
  3. mineral makeup ive tried looks absolutely PERFECT, but gave me cysts. Lots have people have tried it and it doesnt bother them, but you should go ahead and try it out anyway.
  4. I think there is. Im going soon to a derm at a university and ill ask if there could be a relation...ive been on accutane for 5 months and no improvements minor or major yet...
  5. YES YES YES!!!!!! I started getting HUGE lumps on my face, 6 months ago, they havent changed a bit, and have caused me incredible pain emotionally and physically, and found out that 6 months ago all my wisdom teeth came in and have been causing me throat infections. i swear there was some connection, and now i definatly beleive it!