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  1. I have also experienced some signs of aging, perhaps as a result of some products I've used before. However, I'm a 36-year-old male, so my situation might be different from that of a young lady like you. What I've found is that smile lines appear very early in most people because smiling is such a common thing to do. Many very attractive women I know who are in their mid-twenties have smile lines around the eyes and mouth, but this doen't really look bad, in my opinion. As long as they take
  2. I got "Pure Zone Continuous Action" by Loreal at Walgreens. You rub it on and leave it on 1 to 3 times a day depending on you. It contains 2% salicylic acid. While at Walgreens, I also saw other ointments with 2% salicylic acid, including some products by Stridex and Oxy. Browse, and, if you don't find anything, ask the pharmacist and he or she will direct you to where you can find it.
  3. If you have a very mild case of acne, you might benefit from using a product with 2% salicylic acid. I have mild acne and I appy it at night only, but you can apply it in the morning as well. If your skin can tolerate it (and it probably can), you might want to use the Neutrogena product with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. I forgot the exact name but it's the product recommended in the regimen and throughout this website. Benzoyl peroxide is a lot stronger than salicylic acid. I would use on
  4. I tried "Clean and Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer" for a little over a month. It contains 0.5% salicylic acid, one of the most used ingredients to treat acne. It's very mild and it didn't dry up my skin. It did a good job on my mild case of acne (but I'm 36, so my skin doesn't get as pimply as it used to). The only thing it didn't do was get rid of red marks left by previous pimples. I haven't tried any other products by Clean and Clear. O:)
  5. Before you try to use products with natural ingredients, read "Your Skin: An Owner's Guide" by Joseph P. Bark, M.D. You can probably find it at your library. Dr. Bark is skeptical about the claims of the natural health industry. He says that a lot of products sold in health food stores are a couple or more years behind the times.
  6. Almost 20 years ago (I'm 36), I was using a salicylic acid lotion at night that I had to rub on with cotton balls and, in the morning, I was using a benzoyl peroxide wash that contained, I think, something like 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. These were medicines that required a prescription. The salicylic acid didn't seem to be too drying, but the benzoyl peroxide was a bit harsher. To minimize dryness, I washed gently. My skin was pretty clear after about two months. Just be gentle to your skin an
  7. I break into a sweat whenever I eat spicy food, so I always ask for the mild dishes. If you eat something spicy, as the previous respondent said, splash your face with water.
  8. If what you were doing on your forehead worked, why change it? Only use the regimen where your previous attempts were not having any good results. If the regimen works on your cheeks, for example, then use it on your cheeks only.
  9. For the last four weeks, I've been using "Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturizer," which contains salicylic (.5%). It's pretty mild and doesn't irritate the skin. I'm 36 and have only a mild case of acne. It's been effective in keeping my acne under control, but, since it's called a moisturizer, it might not be the best product to effectively combat my acne. Would you guys recommend a non-moisturizing product with a higher amount of salicylic acid (say, 2%)? "Clean and Clear" ke