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  1. after 5 month this pimple. i got this red bump on my face and when I tape on it hurts...so i am assuming it will turn into a pimple? or it will go away let me ask you guys this how do you rate Minocycline i hear that it bad and it acne will come back if you stop the medication and what not... so people who are on Minocycline does it work for you? should i tell my doctor to change my medication I am on 50mg Minocycline twice a day and erythromycin gel(night time)
  2. I am on mynocline for year now I am totaly clear but occasionnally like lets say once a month i get a one zit and I litternay go into depression mode, real emotional. My whole day gets runied i get withdrawn I loose my condifence (in class and around women that time) fuck and i really dont care about anything around me that time. its a bad feeling. i cant talk to anyone about this my parents or friends then i come here to acne.org i dont no why can i get a fuckin zit in the back or cheast o
  3. i found this pieace of info. i think its helpful and answers my question little bit. Answer: Minocycline is usually prescribed to treat acne and other bacterial infections. It is advisable to abstain from alcohol when fighting an infection. But, if you are taking it to treat acne you can drink in moderation occasionally and it shouldn't cause any adverse health effects. You should continue to take your Minocycline every day as prescribed; it is not advisable to not take your prescription on wee
  4. I am on 50mg mynoclyline twice a day... just wondering drinking beer is anything to do with. I get trash every friday and I am afraid its going to effect my acne medcations like minocycline.. does anyone have any experience regarding this situation. i dont want to call my doctor becuase he is a dick, i got 10 refills left then i m changing my doc. anyways let me know or commants..
  5. its normal ok good. or this when i had acne i use to look in mirrors constantly work,car,home even take a quick cellphone pic to see my face. now that i dont have acne i m afraid to look in mirrors
  6. hi I had acne for very long time i am acne free for 6 month.. but i have fear or phobia or whatever you want to call... that i wake up in morning and see in mirror and i have acne...or i m going to get acne again....really messed up stuff what should i do.
  7. it takes 3 month after that your skin will get better and headaches and dizzness will go away
  8. I got this one pimple first time in very long time it was poped! and blood came out and everything i was wondering if i should put erthromycin benzoyl on top of that or should i leave the poped pimple alone since it was poped
  9. today i went to my doctore right is like it will go away and continues this course for another year and it will go away dont get so despreate ur face is clear, so i told him shoud i start Accutane same as Isotretinoin then he said thats very high dose and you dont need that its for people with more acne..mynocyline is good for ur acne.
  10. my docotor said i dont have severe acne i have mild so he said mynocycline will work...should i tell him to me on accutane? its all most gone tho
  11. shoud i worry? i m still on medication my doctor is like u have to go on "pluse Therepy" meaning on and off 6 month. continues for 6 month and stop for 6
  12. 4 months i was also had erthromycin and benzoyl peroxide toical gel and mynocycline 50mg twice still taking mynocycline
  13. i think its over guys... i learn lots from this acne.org i came across this website, when i was desprate,depressed.
  14. thanks.. i found this What are the precautions when taking this medicine? Not to be used in children younger than 8 years of age. Do not take bismuth (Pepto-Bismol®) with this medicine. Avoid alcohol (includes wine, beer, and liquor). May make infection more difficult to treat. You can get sunburned more easily. Avoid lots of sun. Use sunscreen; wear protective clothing and eyewear. Tell healthcare provider if you are allergic to any medicine. Make sure to tell about the allergy and h