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  1. I shaved with a Purpose Cleansing bar tonight for the first time. At first it dried too quickly, but if you keep your face wet at first and lather up like nuts, then you should be okay. I had to shave very carefully though, but still got a nice close shave.
  2. DAY TWO Woke up this morning and followed the morning regimen after my shower. No new problems from overnight. Didn't touch anything on my face until I got home around 9.00pm at night. Took a shower and shaved, using only the lather from my cleansing bar. Continued with the night regimen. New small pimple on my chin. The cysts on the sides of my face seem to be retreating a bit. We'll see in the morning. Night everyone.
  3. i tend to forget about my mild acne the more I drink. however, if i'm having a bad week, i won't go to the bars at all. i'll just get drunk at home. acne owns me.
  4. Hi, I'm just trying to gauge what how my dosage of prescription meds compares to others with acne. I feel I have moderate acne, with several cystic ones scattered at a time. I am currently on 100mg/day of mincycline + Zoderm 4.5% BP. I noticed some people are on 500mg Doxycycline...what kind of acne do they have? From the sticky on top i read that Minocycline is less powerful than Doxycycline, & Tetracycline is the most robust. Is my doctor trying to ease me into these....seeing how it go
  5. I have the facial cleansers, are they okay to use for a regimen? I have the sensitive and the double action one.
  6. I have had moderate acne since middle school. I am now 22 years old and tired of this. For the past few years I have been under the guidance of my dermatologist, taking mynocyclin and zoderm. I have also tried differin as well. My regimen started today, following Dan's plan. I am using a Purpose cleansing bar, a cetaphil facial moisturizer and zoderm 4.5% BP. I will continue with minocyclin 100mg/day. DAY ONE: Cystic acne primarily on both sides of my face, near ears and cheeks. Upper lip, ch
  7. I just ran across this site, and I have moderate cystic acne, i hope this works for me. I am male, will keep you updated. This is day one.