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  1. Denise2: What's the down time for a needling procedure??? How much money are we talking about? How many treatments? Anybody else with experience with needling,subcision?
  2. Subcision??? I heard about it....any good doctors out there? How much do these treatments run for?
  3. I just started working for American Airlines, so that means that I can fly practically anywhere. I would like to know the name of the best doctors in the US. I have a combination of rolling, and boxed scars... I'm looking for real results...smoothbeam,needling and subsicion. Anybody with real results in this forum that can recommend me a good doctor? Thanx. Adrian
  4. Well. I've had my firts SB at setting 12 today and just a couple of hours ago and I haven't noticed any blisters yet [-o< . I'm just going to pray that it stays like this.
  5. Hi everyone. I didn't want to start a new thread. I made an appointment yesterday to see Dr. Judith Grace at McKinney,TX (about 45 minutes from where I live) and the price for the package of 5 Smoothbeams was $600(300 upfront and the rest in 5 weeks). She told me since I'm young, I won't need the microderms. So I went ahead an had my first Smoothbeam today at setting 12. She applied this numbing cream(20% benzocaine,6%lidocaine,and 4% tetracaine,which I dunno what it means)about 45 minutes
  6. I did some research in doctors that peform smoothbeam in Texas. Has anyone tried this doctor: Clinic Esthetica - Judith G. Graves M.D. McKinney, TX 972-542-9998 They have a package for 5 smoothbeams and a couple of microdembrassion for only $1000,which is about $175 per Smoothbeam treatment. That seems to be really really cheap...it scares me,b/c I don't want it to be too cheap. I would like to have this properly done,but I don't wanna pay $600 for each treatment.ANY ADVICE?
  7. Please Read!!! I just spoke with Dr. Friedman's receptionist and she told me the smoothbeam treatments range from $400 to 600 dollars each [-( ,which is too expensive,and I believe since I'm getting a full face treatment,I'm gonna be paying the 600 dollars... I also asked her if they had any packages or anything like that,and she said no. What a dissapointment. A lady from this forum recommended me to him,but she said he charged her $350 for a full face Smoothbeam,and she paid for 5 treat
  8. Please help me. I'm 19 yrs old. This pictures are nothing comparing to last year pictures...I had scabs all over my face and bleeding due to very nasty acne. Now my face is very red,but lately I've been pale, and you can tell by looking at my eyes.I avoid suns at all times...is there anything out there that will help me "improve"(keyword being "improve") my scars at all??? It seems like I have a lot of acne,but I only have 3 breakouts, the rest are just red marks of unactive acne and I have sca
  9. I've seen stuff about this on the acne board, but it would be interesting to here it from you guys on this forum.
  10. I was really looking forward to getting a CO 2 laser done,but that was befoer I knew about smoothbeam...so really, what's the down time for a guy that can't wear make up?
  11. Hi. Newbie here. I was on accutane for 4/5 months and my acne cleared up nice although it left me with a lot of scars. That was about a year ago. I'd like to go thru some scar treatments, so I don't wana take accutane again...Anybody has any regimen or over the counter stuff that can help with bumps type of acne??? Please share your advice Thanx in advance.
  12. Please let me know if smoothbeam works... I took accutane for 4 months almost a year ago...my acne cleared,but left me with a lot of scars. No I'm starting break out again ](*,) ...bumps type of acne... I hear you can get smoothbeam performed even if you have acne. Please share your comments about smoothbeam. Thanx in advance.