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  1. i've taken r-lipoic acid (stronger than alpha) internally at high doses for about a year and a half. i can't say it's helped the scars but it did a wonderful job at controlling blood sugar, which was one of the main causes of my breakouts. still, initially took it due to what i'd read about it with scar tissue and i think one would have seen improvement by now, particularly at this dosage.
  2. i have large rolling lumps 2 years post-procedure after having had subcision with filler. a prior subcision without filler went well but now i'm finally looking into reversing the overcorrection from the second. both were done by very experienced derms. please be careful kiddies.
  3. it's what cleared me too. i was very low sugar for a couple years with mostly success. i discovered that soy, peanuts, and non-organic dairy also broke me out. what helped get my breakouts from 30% of the old pattern to 0 was adding r-lipoic acid supplements (i also take optizinc, c, and msm with good results) daily. i take 2 300mg pills a day and so long as i keep that in my system, i can have almost any sugar i want now. almost. doesn't help with the soy, etc but for keeping blood sugar in
  4. taz/retin a definitely uncovered scars for me, so much so that i stopped using it because i wasn't positive that's what was happening. two tca peels also revealed more scars where i'd never seen hints of them. so, robert, reading your post is extremely interesting.
  5. sometimes i'll consume lots of spearmint tea or dandelion root and whatever the other herbs are- don't recall- when i overdo the sugar. there's no way of telling if they actually do anything- really, it's the cutting of sugar/peanuts/soy/straight dairy that does it for me.
  6. mary, hi... question for you (sorry if i'm effectively hijacking this thread) if you have a moment- you mentioned it took a year to see results with the saline yet i thought it was to be done at intervals no longer than two weeks. i've had one round of saline injections with sire but can't get to socal often enough so i'm curious if your visits were spaced out or if it simply took a year after the consecutive treatments. either way, it's awesome that whatever happened worked for you.
  7. hi there- just looking for someone to perform some excisions- had a bad exerience couple years back so am looking for guidance for someone else, should any of you have any recommendations. it'd be greatly appreciated. thanks so much.
  8. hi ronronnie- if you get a chance, would you mind sharing a little about how the initial subcision with filler was performed? i've had subcision and fillers separately but would like to have them done in conjuntion to get some more mileage out of the subcision this time- and my derm isn't familiar with that practice. do they literally just inject the same areas directly following the subcision procedure or do they wait a few days until after the initial healing period? i'd just like to get my
  9. have you looked into the olay regenerist line filler? i have it for this purpose (works so-so on some kinds) and it's really not bad. not amazing though. http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...Olay/Treatments
  10. i know much is repetitive on here but each individual account is certainly helpful to me, anyway. i must say you've incited a little curiosity about the healing cream- are you able to specify the brand?
  11. fao blythe- that's very interesting- thank you for sharing that. i'm sorry it didn't work out for you either. hi maria- i do hope i am still in a healing process. i don't mind so much not seeing results- it's just that i've worsened things before on my own and wouldn't want to have done that again. i am indeed taking 1,000 c twice daily. i've continued that. i'm glad to hear yours returned to normal after the slight deepening effect. thank you for letting me know. :) when i tried it, i did not
  12. thank you for your kind words. :) i would have to say there are a few that do indeed appear slightly wider and deeper. i had initially used the toothpick but did switch to the q-tip, yes. i hope to god you don't think it has anything to do with your suggestion! i just tend to have not so great luck with things i try on this board most of the time, i must admit. if anything, everyone relaying experience on here is, of course, wonderful. i'm so glad you saw some improvement with it- and really hop
  13. i don't want to discourage anyone, as there are obviously results of some kind being reported, but this didn't work for me, and unless i'm fooling myself, might have made a couple worse. i'm a bit surprised, as mine are the shallow saucer type and i did try for positivity this time around. don't know if i f'd it up somewhere but just did what others had described in the thread. i did it for about three weeks and have not done so for about two.
  14. karli's certainly right about hitting them with the acv more than once or a few times. i don't begin to feel a sting until i've done it about five times. after two weeks+ of doing it fewer times every night, i didn't see any change. anyway, karli, thanks for posting your account.
  15. for myself, any acidic topicals made mine worse. i believe it (as well as glycolics, tca, etc.) may've revealed more extensive scarring as the layers were peeled away but i still don't know for sure. i can say using it did worsen my condition to a degree, with nothing to do with redness, rawness, other typical side effects of heavy use- but i think i reached a point where it stopped, so it may've just been because i had older scars. the scars in question were shallow boxcars.