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  1. you're right: no need to fear the iodine. we need that stuff. I take 150mcg (from kelp) a day, but think thats still way not enough.
  2. yeah I put a lot of cinnamon and ginger powder in my smoothies, tastes good. if your smoothie s thick, than just add more water/milk?
  3. sounds like you dont eat enough veggies... when do you eat carbs? only after workout or also before? whey sucks, but Im interested in how you use creatine? (as in: when do you take it and how much)
  4. sounds interesting, could you make a report of it and post it here?
  5. has anyone tried smoothies with cabbage? they supposed to be very healing... do you have to cook them first or can you eat them raw? any good recipes?
  6. I just watched the first part (well skipped some parts about atoms and shit) and he has a good point that you're not controlled by your genes, but by your perception of the environment / your beliefs, but thats nothing new. He said that your genes adapt to your beliefs and that your beliefs can change your genes, but thats just not possible. How can he say that shit :/ Cells can change... but genes: no.
  7. I know that dairy is mucus forming, but what other foods are?
  8. Ive catched a damn cold too... on vacation. Damn hard blowing airco in the Spanish shops & clubs... What Ive used is lots of herbal tea and vit c, but it doesnt help really... I think youve just gotta sit it out :/
  9. @ rakbs: I used to believe that antinutrients story and actually I still do, but maybe the antinutrients arent such a big deal for us. I think it was Danny who explained that the amount is too small to harm us... @ chia seeds; sounds like a hype to me... Ill stay with the ground flaxseeds
  10. I was on vacation in Tunisia and in the ten days I was there I had only 1 pimple, while I didnt eat very healthy (lot of sugar). At home my face would have been a mess on the same diet. I think its a mix of sun & seawater and less stress than at home (!) which helps your acne Damnit I love vacation
  11. Good job eliminating all the bad stuff! But I think you should add more different foods to your diet, like fruit, nuts and seeds and eggs, chicken and red meat are good too. Theres nothing wrong with sweet potatoes. Eat fat and protein with it to lower the bloodsugar spike. Dry skin sucks indeed. It could be a sign of not getting enough fats. I suggest to eat some more healthy fats (coconut oil). Why do you think you have candida?
  12. Yes. The mind has many ways is which it influences and regulates our body. Nice topic, good food for thought.
  13. Coated tongue is a sign of incomplete digestion, doenst have to be candida...
  14. Nice to read where you're coming from Danny. Inspiring how you never gave up and keep developing yourself. You've gathered so much knowledge at such a young age. When I got acne at the age of 15 I stayed at home more and more playing online computer games. I had fun, but now I feel like I wasted so much time. Now Im busy with self improvement. Its no longer about acne, but about reaching optimal physical and mental health. Im glad acne made me aware of that and it learned me so much about healt
  15. hey man check your mail plz ;)

    1. I would love to know what foods im sensitive to, but I wonder if these kind of tests are reliable... I feel bloated after consuming bread... and I know it gives me acne, so I rarely eat it. other than that, Ive no clue, what Im allergic to... should try an elimination diet I guess. After you eliminated those foods from your diet you stopped getting inflammation acne? edit: WTF that test is 500 EUR thats crazy
    2. do you drink a lot of water? overhydration flushes out minerals, especially potassium. but its not the cause of your acne.
    3. Im reading this book called Fiber Menace which is very anti fiber. The writer says both soluble and insoluble fiber causes all kinds of digestive and other problems and it should be minimized. The added and supplemented form of fiber that is. The only bad thing about fiber from natural whole foods are the carbs that go with it... So basically added fiber is in no way beneficial for you. I think hes right about most of his points, check this link: http://www.fibermenace.com/main/myth.html
    4. Its also what you eat together with your supplements. Vit A, D and E sups arent gonna work on a low fat diet Most research is flawed anyway