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  1. thanks everyone for the advice...scheduled a 100 dollar visit for next week and will negotiate from there i suppose, hey, maybe law school isn't for nothing after all
  2. thanks guys i can get prescrips no problem, in fact my derm from home called in doryx for me and there are a bunch of pharm that take the insurance just no derms but it has gotten alot worse and i dont think i can make it to xmas break, guess i'll just have to pay out of pocket
  3. is there any way to see a derm w/o insurance that would defray the cost at all? pharmacies in the area take my plan but no derms do and i desperately need to get looked at, any suggestions?? sorry if wrong forum, just know that this has the most traffic and really need some help
  4. I went on accutane in hs about 4 yrs ago now and I would say I definitely changed during that time. I blamed most of it on not being able to drink which in social situations gives you an interesting perspective on people, granted everyone is a little bit more loose when their drunk but I felt I saw right through people during the course and never really got emotionally attached to anyone outside of my immediate clique. Also the combination of weed in substitute for alcohol left me in a fog most
  5. The best thing to do is try to not let it affect you, I know its hard and youve probably heard it before. Just try and keep doing whatever it is your doing and however hard it seems put yourself in positions in which you would blush (ie participating in class, talking to your girl). I have suffered from it and it still affects me from time to time but I just believe if people can't look past the color of your skin (whether its red, black, blue, purple) they have bigger problems. I still tend to
  6. last week of college classes for my life then finals next week cant wait for this shit to be done with
  7. not only does this seem promising but I will be looking into shares of CUV
  8. just look in car mirrors during the day when I want the worst, even if my skin is completely smooth it still looks awful because of the marks, but at the one at my apt it looks ok sometimes, whatever it sucks I jus keep trying things and hope it works
  9. im on it, 5 days now along with finacea...see how it goes after a month or so
  10. yea in response to the organ corresponding to your cheeks etc... I saw that thread and think their might be some validity to it. I don't know, I don't eat meat/poultry, and have extremely limited dairy. I only drink water except for alcohol when well I just don't give a fuck. I read somewhere that water retention can have something to do with it, and that is a huge problem for me to the point where I consume about 80 oz (recc-half body weight in oz) of water a day but I almost never stop running
  11. dont u think there should be a reason for this?? like our skin CAN heal, it just doesnt on this part of our face, I donno I just think there should be some kind of explanation
  12. I really dont understand why my forehead is clear, I might get a few small pimples if I wear a headband or something but there really not noticable and go away without doing anything and leave my skin fine. However from my eyebrow out, down the corner of my lips down and the spaces in between, any mark I get never goes away no matter what I do. I am contemplating seeing a dermatiologist for the first time in about 4 years, only because im starting law school in the fall much further away from a
  13. made me break out like crazy and my skin is for the most part under control, 2 days and I had pimples all over the area I applied it, may work for you though, good luck