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  1. yea but if I put anythign on my face i'm afraid it will break out its sensitive....I want to try lumiport but dont ant to be diapointed
  2. ok this week my face is getting more pimples or should I say red spots..... like I got i think 4 new red spots and 2 of them have w hithaed coming out.....now should I try this pen to see how it will work....I have a month to return it right.... i'm desperate what u guys think?
  3. dont know what to do...
  4. so if I have a red spot it will help too, and do u mean that if I use it on any part of my face with now spots i will be in trouble ????
  5. what should I do then, this is my 1st time using stuff liek this: i'm 5 motnhs off tane, is it ok to use it? should I see a cosmotologist 1st.... what if it doesnt work help
  6. the same thing happens to me, and what suck with me is that I have oily skin, and I get hot really fast, so it looks worse like i'm sweaty
  7. has anyone tried it..... i know its only for smpot tretaments... doe sit work
  8. whats purpose? and I shouldnt be suprised if no one head of spectro jel its canadian and only availble here
  9. Ok so I was on tane for 7 months now been of it for 5 1/2 months...... accuatne helped only when I was on it.....now I have redness still, and I still get little breakouts, most it is redmarks, not so much pimples.... I dont know what to do... I want to try laser...or light treaments.... but should I buy one from the interent or should I vist a cosmo doctor and ask them, my derm gave me her number, she charges for every visit..... what to do
  10. My face is breaking out a bit here and there..... whats the best cleanser cetaphil or spectro jel
  11. so what should I do then? go to a placee and let them do it, or buy my own and do it(i'm a newbie at light tretament)
  12. why doesnt anyone answer me in this thread
  13. I have the same problem....mild acne with oily skin.....how long with light therapy work for
  14. ok so I have been off tane now for 5 and a half months and my face is still breaking out, not bad but its botherign me again. I get mostly red spots and the odd pimple..... how logn should I wait? should I get laser will it help how long will it help for can it stop acne form coming again i'm really frustrated and confude and startign to get depressed again
  15. ok no but my face is very sensitive I cant use anyhtign cause I'ma fraid it will do somethign to my face, and plus every mositriser I use makes me look shiny, i have oily skin.....i'm so mad right now....
  16. I'm break out but there red spots not really pimples....I dont know what to do....
  17. ok I diidnt get this pre or even during tane.....its soemthign new I'm a guy so I have facial hair....well now th hiar that grows at the end of my face well I'm getting red spots sometimes little pimples, even my neck where there are hair.... what shoudl I do to reduce this, I notice when I take a while to shave it will be worse....
  18. yes I know but its mostly redness and red spots .....that wont get rid of it....and for the side effects I'm still sufferin esp the flushing