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  1. i hope people aren't getting the wrong idea,i wasn't referring to anyone in particular about what i said. I think this site is absolutely great and i welcome all comments and constructive criticism. So,no hard feelings The cream i was referring to that was discontinued was retinol night cream by estee lauder,that i said was helping for my shallow scars.
  2. Mandelic acid doesn't work for everyone, just some.So if people are looking to invest in this rather get a sample first before buying a full bottle. Anyway retinol works preety good for me,iv been using it for 2 months now and wow do i see a difference.My scars are so shallow they are barely noticeable,but my scars weren't deep before anyway
  3. I would just like to inform everyone or people who are wishing to buy mandelic acid is that it isn't a miracle cream like some people claim it is. I purchased the cream and have been using it for 2 weeks now,so far no great results. I was using the retinol night cream from estee lauder and it made my skin much more radiant than mandelic acid ever will.By the way this cream has been discontinued.I hope that some people aren't trying to sell some of their products on this website by giving people
  4. If you decide to still stay on antibiotics,your derm can recommend another antibiotic eg.erythromycin if u aren't responding to tetracycline anymore.It is best to use a topical preparation on the skin eg.BP with an antibiotic taken orally, as there is a better chance of your skin clearing.
  5. Accutane acts by shrinking sebaceous glands in the skin. The presence of excess sebum on the skin creates a favourable environment for P.acnes to proliferate and thus acne will flourish.Thus less sebum after accutane = no acne!!
  6. I'm using a lactic acid cream,is it possible that it brings out whiteheads,cause everytime i use it this happens.
  7. I think i'l try the lactic acid peels.I hope it wont break me out.I would'nt recommend the skn culture peels for anyone.
  8. I broke out quite severely using the skin culture peel 3000.I am therefore afraid to use peels now,what peel would anyone recommend that wouldnt cause breakouts.I have atrophic scarring.Thanx
  9. Im as clueless as you,i also wanted to know if glycolic acid causes breakouts initially. 8-[
  10. Hi there,just wanted to know if anyone experienced breakouts with glycolic acid.im using the environ glycolic acid gel(it says max glycolic acid on the tube,im assuming its 10%)