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  1. yep, i have that formula and it has a red lid. i get mine from the chemist.. its readily available here in aus. maybe ask a sales assistant at boots or somewhere? that shop usually has everything. i also have the oily/combo one and i liked it at first but it was much too drying for me. I am very pale as well and I used ivory simply because i'm always the lightest shade in most brands, i thought it was fine for my skin... til i saw it in natural light. it was far too pink for me. Now i mix it wit
  2. if i need to do my make up quickly i first use a lip and cheek stain, dot on a tiny bit of cream concealer on the most prominent red marks and then dab a bit of cover girl true blend powder foundation all over my face and buff it with a big brush to get rid of any excess powder. it doesn't give me a 'flawless' result but it makes me look ten times better in under ten minutes. (by the way, if you are worried about using cover girl.. i was too, i always hated the brand but the true blend range
  3. someone once suggested eyedrops to me..? i never tried it cos i couldnt be bothered to go buy them haha but if you happen to have any you could try it... green concealer when applied correctly is pretty good. i use bourjois green base.
  4. I REALLY wouldn't recommend pantene. It contains silicon which isn't good for your hair and according to my hairdresser sister can cause damage to your straightners...? She also said that it contains chicken fat. A lot of shampoos really are quite similar so you don't have to spend a fortune on that. What will make the most difference is a regular treatment such as hot oils or a deep conditioning mask. I use the Goldwell one for coloured hair. Also, i think diet is worth mentioning. I am veg a
  5. hey, just wondering if anyone uses prescriptives concealer? I'm thinking about buying the flawless skin total protection concealer but.. it's a lot of money and i want to make sure it's worth it. it has a rating of 4.4 on MUA which is good but i'm interested in the opinions of fellow acne prone people. i am PPP with blotchy skin, a few active pimples and lots of red marks. i find most concealers too drying- they tend to just sit on my skin and not blend well. so yeah.. prescriptives: yay or nay?
  6. That's what I thought Haven't tried exactly THAT product, but I'm waiting for my Meowcosmetics foundation samples I'm sure they ship to Holland - they ship to Denmark! And I'm pretty sure that: THE CART WILL ESTIMATE SHIPPING means that it will figure out how much you gotte pay for shipping i really want to try their foundations, the names sound so cute.. but i'm a little worried to try another mineral makeup as my experiences with it have not been good. please let us know how
  7. I'm PPP with dry/sensistive skin and I didn't experience any redness in my general complexion. I have got quite a lot of red marks left over, but i think they are just standard and my pale skin makes them look more noticeable. As others have stated, just make sure that you go steady with the BP and use a gentle cleanser. Aloe Vera may be of help too. Oh, and always wear SPF on your face when outside. Good luck with the regime!
  8. i am veryyy pale and i find that a slightly orange blush gives me a nice glow. i like bourjois. i'm also quite interested in these red earth products called 'secret potion' they are meant to be some kind of illuminating base and look very nice when i see them in stores. i'll get back to you if i end up buying some.
  9. people on this forum really seem to push accutane on to everyone. your pictures are very blurry and its hard to tell just how severe your acne is, but unless it is cystic and you really think you are at a high risk of scarring... don't go on accutane. it is great for some people, yeah, but it is very harsh medication... it'd be like killing a fly with a machine gun ifyaknowwhatimean? Try Dan's regime for 2 months, drink lots of water and eat well. if you dont see any results go to a gp/derm and
  10. I like the blushes a lot, and the eyeshadows are okay but very sheer.. i use them as a base and they work well
  11. I have the mineral pressed powder and i dont like it. it is really shimmery because it is so much mica in it and comes off after an hour or so.
  12. How are you applying it? If you're not already I would really recommend using a flat firm foundation brush. I use the new body shop one and it is pretty good, but if you can afford it i would go for something by NARS or MAC. I put a little bit of foundation on the back of my hand (or a pallette if you have one) and swirl the tip of my brush around in it then apply it starting from the nose and blending outwards in small, firm strokes. Then I blend using another brush... mine is actually a paintb
  13. I have a cheapo drugstore curler which i use before mascarra if i want a natural daytime look. If i am going out and want something more dramatic I curl my lashes with the cheapo one, put my mascarra on and then i curl again with modelco heated curler. i've heard that waterproof mascarras are better at holding the curl because they are gel based... or something.
  14. i'm using napoleon pro palette at the moment and i really like it... i dont care what people say about that brand, ive always experienced good things
  15. i really like it. one coat seperates and defines my lashes but still looks natural but it's really buildable too... with 2/3 coats i get quite a dramatic look. i always curl my lashes first and wipe the brush off applying it