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  1. Damn, it's a shame. I shouldn't have to be bribing him at his age, but I will try. In fact, despite what I said about him on this thread, I'm going to tell him to read it. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful smart suggestions. Cecilia--thank you, your suggestions were tops! I have done MULTIPLE varied readings on him for the past 3 days. To think that I actually found his prehypertensive state by accident. I have a problem with low blood pressure because of an adrenal disease I had removed, and lately I have been getting funky readings. I thought my monitor was out of whack and I tried it on him because in the past he had had normal readings. When suddenly, I n
  3. Thanks a lot pretty fairy! The concern I have now is in the now! Isn't that pressure an issue for immediate emergency? I know it takes a lot of time and dedication to lower blood pressure issues. But I'm wondering if there is anything he can do (herbs?) to calm it. Sometimes people end up in emergency rooms with immediate issues like that...Funny thing is that he says he isn't feeling any symptoms! Although I see him beet red around his extremities (hands, face, feet). No wonder they call this
  4. My brother is about 50lbs overweight. He's 22 and he's already becoming hypertense. I measured him for the past few days and his pulse is at 114 and his highest blood pressure is at 160/112. Worse off: HE DOESN'T HAVE INSURANCE!! What can we do for him at home while we get him an appointment to see someone to get his blood pressure lowered? Are there any at-home remedies we can get him to take??
  5. oh ok, i took it the wrong way, i was referring to a psychologyst btw, someone who could help you be a little more social. I hope your heart gets well soon, and I totally understand you, there are worse things than acne, im really proud of you. and be strong!!
  6. I got stung by a bee too--it felt like someone heated a sharp pointy nail to a 1000°F and drove it right through my chest.
  7. acne battle, Why don't you try something milder like Lexapro. I take it and hasn't caused any weight gain. It's probably one of the easier SSRI's to get off from too.
  8. Li Xiang, I don't believe I need a professional because I am over it--I'm over my skin issue. What I need is my good doctor. The problem I am dealing with now is my health condition. It is my primary objective at this point. I just thought I'd share what happened to me because I am saddened by the other threads of "My face is ugly," "I can't ever get a job, " "I can't ever have a gf/bf"......
  9. I have been through a lot at a young age. Suffering long hard years with the acne battle and being a recluse because of it and then getting sick with a heart illness. Before I got sick, I thought my skin issues were the it factor. I thought it meant it all, the reason I hardly had friends, the reason I couldn't get along with people, the reason I wasn't progressing in school and everything in between--Having no money, I went on a solitary mission to reverse my condition and once I went on remiss
  10. Yea, definitely I get red in my scars for example. When I'm overly dehydrated in the cold, no amount of moisturizing will help restore my face, therefore I get irritated and my scars tend to highlight more. They actually look like a lot of red marks, the new ones. The old ones actually look worse and deeper. You can also see scars that I didn't even know were there. I hate the cold!
  11. livluvlaf thanks for the offer, but I'm getting my bio oil tommorrow anyways. It's not expensive, just around $11 bucks.--I tried what you did with the Vit E capsules. I have no idea if mines were natural or not, obviously something was different in mines, but it was gooie thick and greasy. It was impermeable to water, I couldn't wash it off! I looked like a bad dishwashing case with the grease still stuck on the pan. I didn't like it at all. I'd actually prefer something thats soluble and can a
  12. Which oil is better for overall toning, evening out pigmentation? Whats the difference? Which brand..Burts Bees, Jason, etc...?
  13. Thanks for the replies. I wanted to try bio oil since they have it at my local Walgreens but I don't know which is better--the emu or the bio oil. I dont' think they have emu oil at my local Walgreens, tho. Edit** What is tea tree oil, also!! Whats the difference between all three oils?