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  1. No, I'm doing it with a dermatologist. However I have only had 2 bloodtests in the first 2 months of using accutane. Then the doctor said that since my blood tests were so perfectly normal, there was no need to get more testing. Is that a bad idea? Should I ask him to give me test?
  2. My older sister has battled bad acne since 13 and she's 27 and still has it. I'm 21 and had acne. Never cystic or nodular or anything too bad but mild & moderate whiteheads. I took accutane 6 months a few years ago, was clear, never broke out and had no problem. Acne returned a few months after the treatment was up. Same mild & moderate whiteheads. I've just finished another course of accutane for 6 months at 80mg. Everything is fine- just like my last treatment. I haven't had a pimp
  3. I have 2 basic question about accutane. I am currently on 40 but will have my dosage upped to 80 this week. But I forgot to ask the doctor how to take it. Should I take 80 all at once or break it up into 2 times a day? Also, are there any negative sideffects of accutane and caffeine, green tea, or ginkgo bilboa? I need the energy boost. Thanks!
  4. I took accutane 3 years ago and as far as i was concerned, my hair was fine. I've recently been put back on accutane. I'm about 20 days into it. I've read some posts about hair shedding and am very worried. I notice that when I run my hands through my hair 5-6 times, 1-2 strands of hair fall out. Is that normal? Should I be worried?
  5. I've read posts that accutane costs hair lost. I currently have a headfull of thick hair, so things are not bad at the moment. I'm only 20 and this is my 2nd course on accutane, I'm about 20 days into it. My first accutane session I didnt notice any hair lost. Last night I noticed that I had 1 strand of gray hair so I was working in the mirror to pull it out. However, I didnt get it quite right and accidently pulled out 5-8 hair together with easy. That got me worried that something might be wr
  6. I've never had any cystic acne, just persistent pimples and whiteheads from middle school onward. I'm a 20 yr old male now. I took Accutane for a cycle 3 years ago and I think I got around 2-3 new pimples for the whole entire course, so in that sense it was good. Here comes the bad part. My skin has always been paper thin and extremely extremely sensitive. It reacts to almost acne medication with a rash like symptom. And also, accutane didnt cure my acne. While I've not had cystic acne, I was s
  7. I know that Dan is a good guy and has tried to help all of us. However, after reading some articles about ppl ruining their face using unknown creams, I can not help but ask the question. Has Dan's BP been tested, approved, and is it safe to use?
  8. Is this effect even possible? I had completed accutane 6 months prior and it was good but I started getting mild acne again so I went to buy some OTC cream. Clearsil with sulfur. The first night I only did spot treatment and it dried it up very well. Then I put on a a larger area and it dried up the acne and all was well. No sign of anything bad. On the 3rd or 4th night, I put it all over my face and the next morning I had a terrible breakout. Why is it that the first few nights, it cleared up
  9. 200-300 dollars per lab test/month or in total?
  10. For those without health insurance, how much does it cost to do the lab work for accutane?
  11. I've never had cystic or severe acne but I've had alot of the other stuff. I went on a 6 month course of accutane and it cleared everything up. Now i'm about 6 months off accutane and it's starting to come back just like it was before I went on accutane. This is really painful psychologically. What treatments would you guys recommend? The only thing I'm using right now is the cetaphil face wash to clean my face at night but I'm not sure it's doing anything. Should I begin using over the counte
  12. I'm about a month and a half off accutane. When I finished, my face was totally smooth but red. It's still the same right now. I want to get rid of this redness. I used to moisturize twice a day to get rid of the flaking skin. But with the hot weather coming around, do I still moisturize? Is using the cetaphil moisturizer giving me more redness? thx
  13. cetaphil cleansing lotion: I've been using it for 6 months now. I dont think it has caused me any harm. Just cant seem to shake off this red butterfly on my face.
  14. there is absolutely no difference between generic and brand. I tried genetric sotret and didnt find anything wrong with it.
  15. lets just say that I moisturize like no tomorrow. Once waking up in the morning after a wash with water. 2nd time before bed when I wash with a cleanser. It dosnt seem like it's dry. The area that is red looks exactly like a butterfly! Is that because of dryness?
  16. I know it's not rosacea. Just finished a 6 month course of accutane but face is still constantly red. In the T zone right on both cheeks close to the nose. Is there anyway to treat that? I heard aloe vera was good so I bought some Fruit of the Earth but had a terrible reaction to it and broke out.
  17. Is it normal to have a big breakout right after accutane? I just finished a 6 month course. When I first started, I didnt have a breakout. Right now its pretty bad.
  18. Instead of helping my face, it has broken me out completely. I put one application over a small spot just to test it. 7-8 new pimples popped up. I've never had such a big reaction to any product before. Damn Is there anything I can do? It was a good brand, 100% aloe from fruit of the earth that got great reviews too.
  19. Just finished a 6 month course on accutane. My face is smooth; very little bumps. However, the skin tone and texture isnt good. It is still pretty red with marks. I'm wondering if there is any harm in putting on 100% aloe vera. Will it cause breakouts? Will it help acne/accutane user's face? Thanks
  20. 1) Is 5 months too short? 2) What happens if acne starts popping out again after the accutane course? thanks
  21. In my 4th month of accutane. Everything is going alright except my arm. I probably dont moisturize as often as I should but I still do it 3-5 times a week. The problem is that both my forearms and the back of my hand are burning up. They look like giant rashes with peeling skin. Is this normal?