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  1. dont rely on your "god" to give you clear skin, of all the atrocities that "he" seems to permit in the world acne is one of the least serious. bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. its just the way the world is, and thats not because of some arbitrary higher power that some people believe in, thats just pure chance: because thats all anything that happens in the world boils down to. and no one is going to hell if they say god doesnt exist. i mean, for all you
  2. did you carry on doing exactly what you were doing when you got clear? or did you stop? its very tempting to slack off on your regimen when you start getting results. remember, there is no cure, just ongoing treatment
  3. meet with him. if he's so shallow that he is put off by a few spots, then he is not worth wasting your time over.
  4. enter the dragon, didnt you post a thread some time back about how people with acne should just go out, get wasted, chat to girls, etc etc etc and forget about acne? jeez, you should follow your own advice. look back at your own pics, realise how far you have come and dont let three fucking spots get you down. you think this girl wont like you because of a few spots? in that case, like it has been said before, she aint fucking worth it
  5. dont take this the wrong way, but if your acne disappears totally in 10 days, it cant be that bad in the first place
  6. sometimes i used to feel like that, when my acne was at its worst. you feel like a second class individual, and that people are looking at you like its your fault: maybe you dont eat healthily, wash properly, whatever. but now my acne is getting better, i realise that people genuinely dont feel that way, its just the way we think of our selves. when i see someone with bad acne, the only thing that i think is i hope it gets better. there will always be some dicks out there who take the piss,
  7. doesnt sound too dramatic too me man, in fact it sounds almost exactly like the state im in right now the regimen im using keeps me clearer than i have been for eight years, and my skin look ten times better than what it did even two months ago. my red marks are fading and the spots i do get are smaller and fade faster however, just like you, every slight tingle, the smallest bump, blemish or hint of a spot gets me sweating and worrying like you wouldnt believe. and, just like you, it never us
  8. turning back time would be awesome. for a start it would allow me to stop faffing around with anti-biotics and loads of other crap that didnt work and get started much earlier on the regimen thats working now. i might even be clear now with the benefit of foresight
  9. lucky bums?are you insane? seriously. and since no-one else has, id like to congratulate Anthony on a genuinely intelligent, knowledgeable post
  10. its not the answer you're probably looking for, but the best way to make it go away is to just let it run its course. thats the problem with acne, once you see a new spot come up you know you are stuck with it for like week hehehe
  11. i dunno bout you guys, but i tend to find that some days i get up, wash my face and i just feel confident that my skin is not going to break out. you can just tell sometimes, and you feel confident that whatever you do, it will be fine. and mostly, im right: invincible days i call these other days though you can just feel your skin brewing something nasty up, it just gets this feeling to it. i call these fragile days, hehehe, and im normally right about them too. its weird, now ive had acne f
  12. i dunno man, i love food too. i say if you like it, go for it it seems to me that if your skin wants to break out, it will whether you eat salad of fries all day. i know some people tend to find certain foods break them out, but i think thats coincidence. i can have days of drinkin lots of water and eating five portions of fruit and veg a day and still get spots. others, i eat badly and get dehydrated and my skin feels fine. the one exception to that, i find, is mcdonalds. thats some grea
  13. iron mouse, you are so right the worse part of acne is its fucking persistence. I dont post on here very often, just everytime i get pissed off with how it just wont go away. The regimen im on now is good enough to get me nearly clear, but not quite. And nearly clear isnt good enough after 8 years, as Waddstein will no doubt testify. bitch moan bitch bitch moan.........
  14. hey zitro im in the same boat as you i think, ive been clear for a while now, but still got the odd spot like one or two everyweek. how long did it take for you to completely clear and stop getting spots? or has this not happened yet? its weird, when you start clearing, your standards change so that the smallest spots present the biggest problems