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  1. I am assuming they will be on the top of the food pyramid? http://web.mit.edu/athletics/sportsmedicin...d%20Pyramid.JPG Anyone want to chime in?
  2. For reference -- the fat content is high in both avocado and flax oil. http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/fruits-...t-juices/1843/2 http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/fats-and-oils/7554/2
  3. For those agree that fatty foods trigger acne, would you classify flax oil / avocado to be in that category? The body still has to process the high fat content similar to if you eat steak frys or chips albeit healthier in the case of flax or avocado. I recently started to eat flax oil again [i drizzle it on toasted lavash with sea salt] and notice that my face is producing more sebum and some spots. After about 10 years of this battle, I have learned a lot about my body. I am starting to thi
  4. I usually squeeze two regular sized lemons and chug it down in one shot. My previous acne could be described as 'pimples' -- red & inflamed usually with white puss when ripe -- typically around the cheeks and forehead. I also had dry-flaky, flesh colored bumpy skin in the jaw, forehead and cheeks -- these bumps would get inflamed from time to time causing the pimples. Overall, its been shy of just two weeks and my skin is still looking much better. I don't know how else to explain it.
  5. Its been a little over 1 week on the lemon juice regime and I am completely clear. I had acne primarily on the cheeks and sometimes on forehead since I was in high school. I can probably write a book based on all the research I have done but will keep this short. If your acne is caused by ph level in balances like mine (stress, eating poorly, etc.), this will most likely solve your acne woes. The regime is simple. - Drink lemon juice (2 normal sized) in the morning 1 hr prior to eating -
  6. Ashley, Thanks for sharing. I really hope it works out for you as it seems you are farther down the dating stage than I am -- its nice to hear your story and I hope that guy likes you for who you are and can look deeper than the surface level (btw, you look very nice in your avatar =) ). I hear what you mean regarding going out there and having confidence and personality. Its harder said than done, but it definitely helps to have the support (even though this is simply an online forum).
  7. *rant and roll -- might not make any sense as I am just typing this stuff out* Acne is a mental game but I think it starts to create a downhill snowball effect as it starts to affect other areas of ones' life. Its rather quite sad to be spending a sunny Sunday afternoon here typing on Acne.org when I, a mid-twenty male, can be out at the beach or in the city with friends (or even out with a GF). I have tried so much crap to resolve this issue and nothing has really helped (derms, diet, etc. -
  8. Hey guys, My skin has been getting some small breakouts due to my dry and sometimes flaky skin. I suspect its because of winter and also because of the highly chlorinated tap water (going to install a filter). Anyway, based on my research it seems like Cerave and Complex 15 creams have rave reviews. I am curious which one is more suited for dry / flaky skin. Thanks
  9. #1. I am a real person with acne problems (almost clear 90%+) #2. I use the sauna almost everyday. This is my regime and it works. If you have stubborn red pimples after 1-2 sessions they will reside and go away by day 4. (dont pick or pop). -before entering: take a luke warm shower -enter sauna (sit towards the top -- its hotter) -stay for at least 15minutes (I do 30min)...you will sweat and sweat a lot...the gunk will exit... -exit sauna -wash with warm water (to wash gunk off) then immedi
  10. Good point with the Insulin Resistance. I think I am in the same boat. I had a pretty brutal breakout these past couple of days. (its healing fast, but still not sure what caused it foodwise). I definitely want to find out soon and get to the root cause. The only thing I can think of is stuffing myself with chinese food last weekend. Maybe thats what triggered it --- the large amount of rice / starch.
  11. LOL..Story of my life from college on! It's really amazing how much acne affects a persons mental state. It wasn't until a good friend of mine basically told me that his best friend didn't want to date me abd that it could have been because of my skin, that I started obsessing. I never thought it was that bad. And looking back at pictures before he made that revelation, it really wasn't that bad. But from that day on, thoughts and concern over my skin have completely dominated my life.
  12. That link = :clap: :clap: :clap: werd...man...crazy what make-up AND photoshop can do...lol. maybe all of us can be models with those two conditions?! :)
  13. Ended up going to 1. Behroozan, Daniel MD, FAAD - Dermatology Institute of Southern California - (323) 463-7200 Couldnt give me 'tane the first trip, but I have another appointment next month. If the current stuff fails, then he said he would consider giving me 'tane. I am not that 'bad' (borderline) but this acne stuff has got to go ASAP. He was pretty confident saying accutane would almost be 100% effective in wiping out my pimples. I'll do a review in a month or two. Currently he ha
  14. You've all seen One Tree Hill... James Lafferty, the guy that plays Nathan has acne in real life. With makeup: Without makeup: dang...I kinda look like him in his bottom picture (a tad less built)...crazy what make up can do...
  15. Any recommendations form this list? 1) Patricia Coghlan MD: 1136 W. Sixth Street #707 213 481-2083 2) John Estrada MD: 1245 Wilshire Blvd. #817 213 482-1395 3) Stuart Shear MD: 1245 Wilshire Blvd. #907 213 481-2982 4) Sharam Yashar MD (male): 523 W. Sixth St. #721 888 345-5050 5) Yashuko Furumoto MD (female), Christoper Ho MD, Stefani Takahashi MD: 420 E. Third St. #805 213 687-3214 6) J. David Brayton MD: 3875 Wilshire Blvd. #906 213 389-3538 7) Sanushi Umar MD (male): 1025 W
  16. I prefer reviews and personal recommendations. However, will see whats around here. Thanks. Any other suggestions?
  17. From LA. Looking to find a Dermatologist. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  18. Happy New Years! - Just wanted to see if anyone could recommend a dermatologist in the LA area preferably near the downtown area. Thanks.
  19. I have a similar looking face. I have noticed the good sleep (sleeping before 12 and getting 8+ hrs), water, and not washing the face more than twice seems to help a bit (also currently on dans regime but it doesnt stop it completely). But I think that its an internal problem as opposed to external as junky foods seem to bring out new bumps 2-3 days later. My face is about 75% contained and always has 25% that could be improved. my 02
  20. Let us know how it goes. Might be interested in doing the same. -J
  21. I consider my skin combinational. Recently it seems to be acting really weird with these very small bumps developing on my cheek areas. A couple agitated ones eventually become pimples, but I am more concerned about these small little critters as they look horrible under bright light. Currently using Duac (antibiotic) cream and a dove essentials moisturizer. The combo has worked great since the start, but the new development of these small bumps have caught me off gaurd. Should I start usin
  22. I am using the Biore Triple Astringent (2% SA) to try and get rid of these suckers, lil bumps! I suspect an intial breakout coming as the little bumps are starting to move out
  23. Hi, I am nearly clear except for a dozen or so small colorless bumps in my cheek area. Any idea on how to get rid of these? Thanks, Jay