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  1. I didn't know where to put this so it ended up here... anyway sometimes when I shave I really irritate alot of the areas below my jawline.. My razor/shaving cream are fine as it only happens at or below my jawline, I don't break out because of it but the areas will often get red or look a little irritated as if its been itching or something.. Anyone have a problem with this too, any tips? BTW I'm shaving from top to bottom if it matters
  2. i found shaving too much or to little made it worse, try and find a balance for yourself... every other day works good for me
  3. her way had people doing it gentle too, I think its a big mistake for anyone whos still breaking out with acne to start manually exfoliating
  4. I dont think its your soap per say but rather the notion of keeping it simple... My acne got much better when I stopped trying all these miracle regimens on here and simply stuck with using a cetaphil facial cleanser twice a day and thats it
  5. this looks like a reincarnation of the jessfoliation fad ( facial brush exfoliation ) that went on around here a long time ago, be aware that she started breaking out from her own stuff with this and that doing this messed up alot of people... I did it a year ago and got the only cyst I've gotten in my life on my cheek cause of it
  6. umm let the accutane clear up your skin and the red marks will heal in time, your skin will be very sensitive and using ACV on it now would be a big mistake
  7. I used to scounge this board for all kinds of miracle stuff and honestly most of the things here suggested will probably make your skin worse.. you look good just let time do its thing trust me you'll be better off that way.. Most of my acne startedgoing away when I stuck to simple basic things and stopped messing with it, you'd be surprised how quick red marks fade when you dont pay attention and aren't getting alot of active stuff
  8. wazuh

    Car Mirror

    Haha even when my skin is clear my cars mirror makes it look bad, trust me its just the lighting in there... the car mirror could probably reveal every imperfection on ANYONE's face to like a milimeter, I just dont look in it too much something I learned a while ago... Take a picture of yourself in a regular mirror or have someone take a pic of you in regular lighting, promise you it won't be like that,
  9. lol none of that will have a remote effect whatsoever on red marks left from acne
  10. Suggestions.... I can't say I've read all 8 pages, but maybe half of them, so here goes: - Up your weight on dl's, that is insanely light for your weight, unless your injury is what's keeping you there. What kind of dl's are you doing? - Keep a real close eye on your bf%, 6K calories is pretty high even at your bodyweight, and w/o knowing your muscle mass it's tough to say if that's overkill (EDIT: just realized you said you're at 4500 now, that seems like it could be a little low, are y
  11. It's actually 1-2 lbs a month unassisted. One study examined elite athlete's and saw they could only gain about 18-20 lbs of muscle in a year. With supplements and other drugs, sky's the limit. Yeah compounds are what real men do. I love seeing the newbies at the gym do bicep curls and a couple of sit ups and say they have been 'working out'. My routine has deadlifts, squats, and bench press along with about 6-7 other exercises. I actually have been 'working out' :D . Case closed. :nin
  12. I havent read through all this but you do realize the human body can only add about .5lbs-1lb a muscle a week, eat only a calorie surplus large enough for you to gain roughly a pound a week.. anymore and you'll be gaining alot of extra fat.. Someone your size should be intaking nowhere near 6000 calories a day... I gain a pound a week takin in 3300-3400 a day.. BTW stick to progressing in weights with the compound stuff and you'll continue to grow, I'm currently repping 285 for sets on deadlifts
  13. why would u be embarassed about that, I'm guessing you're young from the way the kids acted... A word of advice to you while your young, all those kids wont mean a damn thing to you later in life even in a year or two, dont let anything they do/think make you feel unconfortable.. pick up your stuff and be proud of who you are