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  1. 5' 9" 60 mg a day my face is MUCH less oily than it was before but I can still feel a little bit of oil when i touch my forehead.... (my face was very very oily pre accutane) my question is should my face be completely dry or is this normal? because from the looks of other people's experiences, the face should by very very dry.
  2. America provides more money to aid developing nations than any other country in the world. 5 billion dollars a year and that's just the government alone. Businesses, non-profit organizations, funds, private citizens, donate another 11 billion dollars with most of that money being concentrated in Africa. I just heard that on CNN. I am completely neutral.
  3. i can relate with almost everything especially the obsession with appearance btw this is the greatest post ever
  4. you can actually squeeze it out and there will be a big hole in it T_T
  5. I was raised in the Middle east among Arabs. Later my family had Jewish friends. If I had been interested in joining a club I could have embraced Islam or Judaism, but I found when I prayed to an unnamed God I called father that Christianity was His will.
  6. God isn't my God... He is everyone's God... but some choose not to recognise him.
  7. Ugh, too long. I was looking for the answer to this question, I'll reply the rest later, but why do you believe your God is the true God and not everyone else's.
  8. And what is the truth young man? I don't have any proof that there is a God, do you have any proof that there isnt?