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  1. Hey how'd accutane go for you?

  2. cheerchick448

    katie's progress

    You seem to be steadily improving. Keep it up, sister!
  3. cheerchick448

    katie's progress

    I can tell that your skin is improving. Keep it goin' girl!
  4. cheerchick448

    katie's progress

    You are looking great! What an improvement!
  5. I broke out worse than normal for the first two months, and then the acne started rapidly clearing up. I'm two and a half months in, and my face is looking loads better.
  6. Please stay on it. I broke out the worst I ever had during my first few weeks. Now it is clearing up really fast. My friend, Hayley, who was on it broke out until her fourth month, and now she has the most beautiful skin ever.
  7. cheerchick448

    katie's progress

    What an improvement, Katie! You are so beautiful, and I know you'll continue to improve. Have fun!
  8. The first two weeks I was on it I felt like my face was a huge swimming pool. After that it got really dry, and ever since there has been no more oil.
  9. I am on accutane too, and the ultra-bronze bed is amazing. It's more expensive than the regular beds, but you only need 5 or 6 visits to get super duper tan. It has a 1% chance of giving someone a sunburn. It tans EVERYONE!
  10. I had really oily skin the first week, but during the third week NO MORE oil at all! It's been a month now and I did a blotting sheet just for the heck of it, and NOTHING showed up on it at all. It was great.
  11. Aquaphor stays on longer than vaseline, in my opinion. They are both good products though.
  12. I'm in my first month, and I'm breaking out WAY worse than ever. Luckily it's not cysts, but it's like tiny little bumps all over that look nasty up close.
  13. My best friend went to the tanning bed when she was on accutane (she's normally ghostly white) and got a little burned, but nothing major
  14. Okay...thanks for your input, everyone...and good luck on the rest of your accutane course!
  15. I had to go through the iPledge stuff, and my derm starts MOST patients out on 60 mg