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  1. I've been using a topical since I came off it, Zineryt. I think its a good idea.
  2. Know how you feel babe, first couple of days back. I have to constantly check the mirror, its not fun.
  3. Think your missing the point of the thread. We're posting out best pictures to make ourselfs feel good And my, some good looking ppl xmistakex and Labgal you look well pretty
  4. Kool Thread Im liking this one at the moment, another favourite is in my profile My pics are all quite different, no selftaken/webcam pics of me lol
  5. IposhT

    Update 08/09/06

    Your skin is looking really good, from what I can see, great
  6. Ive had it too My cousin said, you've got loads of spots on ur face. - That day I thought I was looking clear as well.
  7. Know exactly how you feel, I have to go back tuesday as well. I really dont want to
  8. I dnt mind scars so much u know, but ive only got minor scaring but still noticable
  9. I think you know how u feel, like when you accept your life is kinda shite and nothing you can do. But nooo you need to snap out of it gal, a walk in the sun, blast some music
  10. ^^^ Ur gorgeous!!! I think you know that anyway & dnt worry ur time will come
  11. Yep, mine doesnt look healthy yet. Let alone the horride lips still eek
  12. Ive only ever had one due to tane, I loved it. Got excited lol acne is mild
  13. Good luck with it. Don't expect a lot too soon, I think thats the problem with most people. You seem pretty strong minded but it can drag you down, I'm around if you ever want to chat or anything (Im not coming on you, ) Good Luck dude
  14. I havnt had sex in 2 years and 9 months... so yeah might as well be a virgin again.