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  1. Awwww sweeeet man. You got there. I havn't had a spot free day yet You look great in you gallery, when you coming bk to the UK?
  2. You look great man, I remember when you posted your two months pics. You've improved more, jealous... you look really clear now. Did you have any problems with redness or flushing?
  3. I've lost a lot of time down to acne from school and college, but never in a row maybe 2days at the most. My attendance is something like 58% at the moment
  4. Yep. I always look best at home in my mums bedroom mirror lol, its all about lighting etc.
  5. Going to School Going to College Going out with friends Meeting new people Going to night clubs/pubs Getting a Job Learning to drive Getting a BF/GF Even going to the corner shop
  6. Yes, loads of them surround me at college.
  7. Lol... you know I was expecting you to say a lot older actually. You look older.
  8. My skins always red as well, Grrrrr. I spent £30 on Clinique moisteriser which is suppose to reduce redness.... hasn't done that for me yet. Are you on anti-biotics as well or not? Oh btw how old are you Akira?
  9. Hey, Im a 6'2 guy, 11 stone or over lol and I'm on 20mg now. I have mild acne but very presistant. I started off on 35mg for a month, 40mg couple more months, then went up to 60mg bcus I was still getting new acne but I could only handle 2 weeks of 60mg because I got mad flushes. I've had the flushes since I started the course but tried to put up with them, I was eager to get on the 60mg to clear up my acne but the flushing got so bad then I had to right down come down to 20mg. I'm going to
  10. I have £600 in the bank I'd easily withdraw and I'd sell all my contents of my room.
  11. Sorry to hear things got worse after your treatment, how fucked is that :hugs: Why can't they invent a cure of acne and be done with it! If tane cleared you up the first time, I guess its best to go on it again. Good Luck.
  12. I've had the same problem, thats why I dont like meeting ppl off then net. Bcus in my pictures you can't really tell I have acne but in real life, eeek.
  13. I've had to do speeches, I hate them. Get really nervous. I get nervous just sitting in a classroom with a lot of ppl.
  14. I heard that a 100 times as well as the opposite!
  15. You look great, beautiful teeth hehe
  16. I can kind of see the correlation... my college attendance is pretty awful and I'm sure alot of ppl on here skip lessons. But you can't no hire someone because they have a skin condition thas stupid. As for been late, nope I'm always there first. I give myself enough time to get ready and stare in the mirror before I leave the house.
  17. Hope you feel better soon, I know how you feel though. It hasn't got to be severe acne to make you feel crap and control your life. I feel like I have weird acne too, mild but over 4 months into accutane it hasn't cleared up :S I've seen your gallery, I cant find your second one now though lol... you look great, seriously.
  18. You got good skin, I dont know what to suggest
  19. IposhT

    New hair

    Yo your skin looks great! and ur tatts do, much better than mine. Go knock em dead m8