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  1. Some day promise me we'l play army, yeah?

  2. Man, ur kool!! =)

  3. Hey Babe, only just noticed your comment. Its really sweet, love u!!! I hope u are all good?, im getting there =) still lol. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Buying the night treatment gel tomorrow as my topical from the doctor runs out, and I can't be arsed with prescriptions anymore, its embarrassing and they dont do fuck all. Hope it keeps by spots at bay
  5. Ello Gorgeous! x

  6. Seems alright. Glad the UK are getting more products like this, Ive had light kit from the US. I doubt its much different from the other products though.
  7. Stop now, or the day before. Will be fine. Good luck gal
  8. Yeah I broke out after 5monts post tane. I used light topicals, havnt done much, breakouts are small though still
  9. Go to the doctors if you havn't already and get on the antibiotic train.... http://dermatology.about.com/cs/antibiotics/a/acneabx.htm Get a topical to put on your skin as well. Best you can do really.
  10. Yeah its bestto go on a topical retinoid straight after as well...
  11. My dose got lowered to 20mg because of the flushing, but... it really didnt make a big difference but I didnt stay with that low does for long, because all it does it lengthen out your course and I wanted to be rid of it.
  12. lol... im clear today. There is no link (well no proven link) I can see the science with over masturbation theory though.... but yet this guy doesn't do that.