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  1. Go see your docter, he knows his stuff, cleared me up good greetz,
  2. Once upon a time, i read a topic about exfoliating the face with a toothbrush or other brush type thingy, Nowdays i can't find it anymore! Can anyone please tell me where it has moved, or if it had been removed or something. Or if you could explain to me how the exfoliation works that would be great to! Thx Greetz,
  3. Wauw, I really actually believed that it might help, Can that man just sell this crap then? i was about to start on the 3 day fast myself, and yes i am desperate. After reading all this i am not going to do the fast, I am however adjusting my eating patterns the man had a point there, after a week of being out on the town eating burgers drinking alcohol my acne seriously worsens. And ofcourse i already knew this before reading this book, but now i know every little bit helps! . The regimen
  4. Hej hej, I heard something about a 3 day apple diet to cleanse the bowel wich should be good foor your acne, anybody heard about this too? or maybe tried it? greetz
  5. Hej hej! Is it very important to wait exactly 15 minutes between each step?. Because most of the time I wait like 30 minutes when having breakfast and stuff.. Greetz!
  6. Couple of days ago I noticed I was runing out of bp gel, so I tried to order new one on the net but it keeps saying order Declined it had something to do with te credit cars I think, but last time I ordered everything was just fine! Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Also I noticed that everyone gets pretty dry skin and flakyness by using the bp gel, but my skin doesn't seem to get dry! Am I doing something wrong? I use it twice a day and about 2/3 of my finger for my chin and the top o
  7. Hahah yeah i can read that Ill go over to the tuinen and see if i can get it! I havent seen any eucerin products here, for bp i've ordered Dans Tube, i can only find 5% here in holland, for a wash ill use dove moisturising cream bar. But thanks a lot! You too brandy edit-> U ONLY use active care balsem van 'de tuinen', or with dans gel? your regimen doesn't say anything about bp
  8. Haha no it would be Dutch:P but thx anyhows ill look around and see what I can get. If someone from Holland/Europe is reading this please tell me what you are using!
  9. I'm going to look that up! But i don't know what the right translation for moisturizer is so i'll ask around and drop it here later!
  10. Hej there! I tried vichy normaderm for several months now and seen no improval , I am about to start with the clear skin regimen but I don't know what moisturizer to use, I live in the Netherlands so i can't get the stuff Dan recommended. Any suggestions? Greetz,
  11. tasjesdief


  12. I have acne for a long time now, and a few months ago i decided that i wanted to get the Bp gel, but i didn't have a credit card and my mother said that i should first try something that was in stores here(netherlands). My brother also suffers from acne and he has been to the dermatologist for about 100 times without visible result. Then i saw a commercial for Vichy's Normaderm. I went and got it, and it said on the bottle to use it twice a day. But after a couple of days i was getting red all o
  13. Ok thanks! I hope to receive my gel soon then
  14. While i was filling in the forms for buying the Bp gel, I noticed the * at my country; the Netherlands. It says it is poosible that i will not recieve my order . The thing I am concerned about though, is that the reason is the restrictions are so tough, but is this because you need to pay extra tax or something, like with alcoholics?Or is it beacuse the product consist out of illegal ingredients? Greetz, me