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  1. So, i actually signed up for this board like a long ass time ago. And I was on this forum literally everyday, and i would check it for new ways to combat acne and ways to cope whenever i had free time. I use to think i'd never have friends, even though i did, and id never be outgoing or popular and there was no WAY IN HELL i could ever get a girlfriend...well...my life was turned upside down when i went to college. i attend drexel university and let me tell you. Something happened to me at colle
  2. there should be a dating forum. hah. im serious. ive already said id feel so much more comfortable dating a girl with acne because she knows how i feel and i wouldnt have to worry about her getting rid of me cuz of breakouts and vice versa. maybe im just a loser, but oh well.
  3. Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words, but i dont want to act or pretend like im better than anyone else just because ive realised some things. it helps that ive always had some sort of physical problems that i need to change--and i think acne is harder for me because it wont just change when i want it to. i lost a lot of weight prior to getting acne, and boy, that was easy compared to the fight against acne--let me tell you. i delt with the abuse because i was fat. and then one day i develope
  4. you know. i've never been completely mentally all "good and right" in the head. i was horribly obsessive compulsive and as we speak im still dealing with that, but thats going good, and the same goes for being depressed and being a hypochondriac. the thing is. im really starting to get use to this whole idea that ill never get married or be with anyone, if my acne persists that is. and i know that my acne is worse looking to me than anyone else, oh but i know everyone can tell i have it. people
  5. every now and then, usually at night.. i get these swollen areas. almost like a biiig cyst is forming or something. and if i mess with it--it gets worse. sort of like a bug bite. and it turns red and swollen and a bump might be there. but. in a few hours the swelling usually subsides and by morning--its gone. or a tiny tiny tiny little pustule will be there. but that could be coincidence cuz i only remember a pustule being in relative same spot once. hmm?
  6. go to klaron.com and read that it causes steven johnson, then search on google for klaron side effects and read what comes up
  7. i cant use BP. i think im slightly allergic. my face turns red as a tomato and it NEVER goes away. its quite worse than having acne actually. im experiencing a little break out now cuz im starting week 2--but ive noticed my skin being more smooth lately. this is sorta what retina a did for me, only not as drying as the retin a was. so maybe im on my way to being clear. usually i just wake up, wash with cold water and before bed wash with cetaphil and then put on tazorac before i sleep. id like t
  8. i got prescribed tazorac and klaron, im only using the tazorac because the side effects of DYING while on klaron bothers me--anyhow, tazorac can work by itself right? its just usually given in addition to something else. or am i using this medicine blindly and wont get any good results? im currently on week 2 and getting the initial breakout. thx
  9. ok so i got prescribed tazorac and klaron for my acne. i never heard of klaron but it looked and went on easy enough. i only used it twice, but i wont ever again. i searched it up on the net to see what it was, and come to find out a rare side effect is steven johnsons syndrome? 2 out of 105 people get it or something ridiculous like that! HOW CAN THE DERM NOT TELL ME THIS? ANd if i have astham, which i do, im more suseptible to it! WHAT THE HELL!? how long do u think it would take for me to get
  10. retin a worked but KILLED my skin. differin did shit and hurt my skin. fuck topicals. fuck acne. and fuck me!