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  1. I have a question regarding my acne scars, and what might help them become less noticeable. I think that they would be considered rolling, they disappear if I tighten my face or smile. Now since they disappear during those times, which treatment would be best? I'm guessing they are pretty shallow since they do disappear with skin tightening. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. I'm just making a follow up to the thread that I started. Since that point, I have been washing 1-2 times per day with the Purpose bar. In the morning I will put the Eucerin Moisturizer that is recommended with the CSR on, and that is it. When I shower again later that night, I will apply Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion. This is all that I'm doing at this point. I can see an improvement, and I honestly quite happy with the way things are going. I do agree with those who said that acne is gene
  3. Has anyone tried the fiber supplement "Glucomman?" I need to get more fiber into my diet, and was wondering if anyone taking this or another fiber supplement had success helping their acne.
  4. I have been doing some thinking back to when I was getting pimples as a teen. I never really got it too bad, then one day I went to the doctor for a sore throat, and he saw one pimple on my face. He instantly prescribed me an antibiotic and bp gel. I have always been pretty self-conscious of my looks, and this just added to it. I would always seem to overreact to getting a pimple, by washing and washing. My younger brother had basically the same kind of acne as me, even worse on his back.
  5. I'm back on the regimen after trying a few other ways of clearing acne. I always end up coming back to this, it just simply works the best. I've only been doing it again for a few days, and have been having some good results. I'm noticing that the left side of my face is completely clear, while the right side is not. I have maybe 2 or 3 active pimples on this side, and maybe 4 or 5 redmarks from previous pimples. Has anyone else experienced this clearing on one side faster than the other,
  6. I have been using Purpose bar, but it seems to be drying out my face a little too much. I was thinking of trying the basis bar instead. Those of you who are using it, how do you like it? Also are there any regular stores that carry the basis brand besides internet sites?
  7. Alright after trying so many things, I've decided to just go back to what I've been doing for years with pretty good success. My own personal regimen never made my face 100% clear, but it got it to the point where I didn't worry about it so much. It is a lot like the regimen that Dan has set up here, but I substitute the moisturizer with Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment. Here is what I do. Morning: Wash with Purpose in Shower Wait 15 min....put on BP 2.5% Wait 15 min....put on Mu
  8. This is my experience with washing with water and using products. When I'm at home, where we have a watersoftner in the house, the water makes my skin improve. I would wash with a 2% SA, and then just apply BP to my chin area. Many times I could get away without any moisturizer, but sometimes I would have to apply a little bit to the areas that I applied the BP. When I got back to college this last Monday from Thanksgiving break, I continued to use the 2% SA. The water here is very drying,
  9. For those of you who have outgrown their acne, which part of your body cleared first? I never had really bad acne on my back, but now it is 99% clear all the time. I still get zits on my face, so I was just wondering if my body finally may be balancing out, since my back is clear. I'm 22, so I'm really hoping that I can get over having to apply bp to stay somewhat clear. So if anyone knows which body part clears before the rest, I would appreciate any advice.
  10. Well I've been using the two products recommended in this post, and so far I like them. The only thing is it seems like acne products really aggrevate my forehead, causing me to breakout. So for now I'm going to try to avoid put the cleanser with 10% bp on my forehead to see if that helps. This summer I decided I would quit using acne stuff, and my forehead rarely ever got a pimple, so I'm trying to put the two together. The acne on my forehead could just be going through a cycle, but I'm go
  11. How long did it take for you to get clear using these 2 products. I'm on like my second day with the combination, so I was just sort of wondering what to expect for progress from day to day. thanks.
  12. I just tried this combination for the first time today, and so far I'm impressed. I have been using the continuous control acne cleanser for about 2 weeks, and so far the results have been pretty good. I'm hoping this combination will elimate the remaining pimples that I have still been experiencing. Some of the others trying this, please keep us updated on how your progress is going. Thanks for sharing the info in this post.
  13. how was your initial breakout, and how long did it last? i think i'm getting accutane this friday, so i'm just sort of curious.
  14. I was just curious how long each person who is taking accutane is going to be on it. Does the number of months depend on the severity of your acne? Thanks.
  15. My slight alteration to the regimen by adding the Multi-vita instead of moisturizer is really paying off. I haven't gotten a new pimple since, and the old ones are going away everyday. There are a few minor side effects to this, face is a little redder and feels slightly hot. There is no spf in this, so your face can burn a little easier due to the BP. I would recommend trying this to anyone who is darker in skin color, someone who has a good tan. Anyone can try it, but the redness isn't as