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  1. FINISHED! Forgive the silence over the last few weeks boys & girls. Reached a plateau in my roaccutane adventure about a month ago, where no new spots were appearing but red marks and peeling skin remained. Happy to report that it's stayed that way up until today; the end of my 4 month 60mg course Thought I'd feel over the moon today and be dancing on bar tables etc. etc., but there's part of me that doesn't want to stop taking tane because of the possible relapse. Silly, I know, but ha
  2. Mr Tom's got organised! Counted the days and I'm up to... DAY 71 Not as far as I thought; feels like bloody ages! No worsening of side-effects, but the weather here in Blighty is pushing tane users to the limit I reckon! Chilly chilly icy winds that whip off any micro layer of grease on any exposed bits of you (!) and chapped lips even for the non-tane folk. Just been feeling the stuff inside me now daily - the dehydrated type of feeling, the red-ish face, the tired eyes etc. etc. Longing to
  3. Just dropping in to say sorry for the silence, and to let you know that Mr T thinks that this log is the bee's knees. Great about the clear skin P&W! Have also had two or three comments about "looking suntanned" in the staff-room. I just smile and nod, blaming it on the excessive time I spend outside each day (about 20 minutes walking the dog and a half hour run, he he!). May the happy days continue for you
  4. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased Just read your update and that's cheered me up. You're the man JC. Top dog. That's wicked. Long may it continue. Am taking your advice about the water. Have had a week of blips to my no-breakout run of 3 or so weeks (mini-cyst things in the old places), but I'm hoping that they remain a blip. Run like the wind JC, may the force be with you
  5. Just a long overdue hello KJ! Know what you mean about the fragile skin thing....my dog jumped up to demand her milk this morning and her claws slashed my hand; looked like I had fought a tiger (that's what I told my kids at school, he he). Bloody cold in S.Wales, isn't it, jesus! Where is SPRING??!! Keep fighting
  6. Feeling your niggling frustration at the odd one or two beat-the-tane spots Helen. Just when things seemed to be 100% clear, I've had three in the last week. Deflating to the ego, but trying to keep the ol' perspective. Won't be in Oxford this weekend because of a stag do....not mine, a mate's....but still need to drop off those photographs so will make it there before Easter. He says. Bet the snow was belting up in Snowdonia! Hope all is warm and well Helen, as ever, Mr T
  7. Thanks for the check-up P&W. Apologies for the silence lately...the moving flat malarchy and busy busy school life has put a stop to many Mr Tom activities, but I'm fighting back Got internet in my new place now, so no excuses... Skin news: think I'm around week 10 or something; have given up counting days. Just look at the mountain of tablets still in the cupboard and decide to take things one day at a time! Feel confident in saying that I've reached a plateau spot-wise. Still those fals
  8. Hey hey Helen...not this Sunday but next Sunday in the Ox-ford at the Old School House....off Gloucester Green by the bus station. From 9-ish I think. Enjoy mighty Snowdonia you lucky thing. Am staying late in school to do some planning, but am enjoying some sneaky internet access Nothing new skin-wise; a few false alarms each week, a scab or two, but no monsters to be seen. Ankle = better. Phew phew phew. Much love, thanks for reading people, Mr T
  9. Squeezed in an internet cafe between a guy on a webcam to his girlfriend in S.Africa and a girl writing at 1000mph on msn. Smoky. Smelly. Will be quick! Thanks for all your messages. Have had the Tumnus thing said even before it was made into a film. My ex-girlfriend called me Tumnus for a week after we saw the bloody thing in the cinema! Save your jokes. And yes - dodgy as a jammy dodger about him and Lucy. Am moving into my new home on Fri, so hope normality will be restored. Facewise, some hi
  10. Moving out of my flat tomorrow so no more internet for the time being sorry folks. Will try and stop off in cafes etc., but it will be even more random than now Mr Tom = homeless. No, that's not true. Kipping on a mate's floor is more like it until my new abode is ready, but hey-ho, change is good I guess. Fare thee well people. Watch this space for more Mr Tom. Much love.
  11. Afternoon JC, just wanted to sympathise and say that I'm still having a love/hate relationship with accutane. I know it's doing wonders, but the side-effects are so weird, so random, and so unpredictable. Keep fighting the fight, keep looking at the finish line, keep reminding yourself how far you've come. Sorry about the eyes....really hope that things will improve on that front. Drop me a line, the one, the only, JC
  12. Fingers and toes crossed...are the piccies here?! Not exactly flattering, but nothing spotty...taken in the summer when the UVs in the Alps did what accutane is doing now! Will get hold of a digital camera to do some current shots, but still pretty much clear, bring it on! All these exclamations!! Photos are random huh?...Swedish male bonding, Mr Tom BBQing and Mont Blanc-ing. All I've got of me on this laptop Thanks for the support JC. Am half way there with my course (2 months) and am still
  13. How did today go Helen? Was thinking of your lymphocyte mutants as we enjoyed a wicked St David's Day eating Welsh cakes and playing in the snow and not much else at school : x
  14. Is David Rogers still teaching Disease? His lectures used to get loads of undergrads just to watch him pace up and down in these really funny jeans. And Karen Day? She was my tutor at Hertford...powerful woman, knew too much about mosquitoes for my liking, but really nice! The biggest star in Zoology was an eccentric guy called Henry Bennet-Clark who was into insect locomotion, and did this amazing impression of a crab walking backwards in the lecture theatre. Stuff of legends. Am bored too. Me
  15. Passed like ships in the night I think...bugger!