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  1. Quick photo update summarizing the process. My current protocol post-treatment. 1. Diet-Eggs/animal protein/daily vitamin/oranges/mixed greens 2. No touching of face 48 hrs 3. Light wash under shower head of face after 48 hrs. 4. No physical activity for 1 week. 5. No products or washing of face for 1 week.
  2. i'll update on my experience. I'll report everything fully in June, after I have my last injection. I've only had one thus far...about 50% improvement on one side, and about 20% improvement on other side. I believe the initial first week after the injection is really important, check out this paper, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/dsu.12204/full . The authors state that the subjects were on a strict 7 day regimen following the injections, aka, keep the sites as untouched as pos
  3. Yah I hope this helps people who are on the fence with this procedure, I still have my doubts, but so far so good. Doctor is Dr. Goldman in San Diego, GBK Derm. 36 hours after the procedure, the swelling has all but subsided. Although there is still apparent bruising that is slowly disappearing, and some needle injection spots, but other than that nothing too obvious. So fairly easy procedure over a 24-72 hour period. I suggest having at least 1-2 days of rest, 24 hours after you're still pret
  4. Attached are pictures from this morning, approximately 16 hours after the procedure. The "wheals" are completely gone, numbness is gone from the lidocaine, and the red spots appear to be disappearing, although the slight bruising is still present. I took a shower last night, keeping in mind to keep soap away from the treatment area, if water did touch my face it only flowed down from the top of my head, with no direct contact. I was instructed to keep the treatment area as non-stressed as pos
  5. So. I just had the procedure done. It took a very long time for my cells to become available to grow, then be subjected to QC, then finally schedule for appointment. I had my biopsy performed on September 21st, 2012. Procedure done on March 26th, 2013. It apparently took until January 8th to get enough cells, then until February 21st for QC to be finished, then finally setting up an appointment and having the procedure. I'll just dive into the procedure thus far that I experienced. 1. Arr
  6. Hey there, i went back and forth between getting deepfx or laviv. From my understanding for atrophic boxcar and rolling scars the problem is ere was such a deep loss of tissue during scar formation that collagen never really caught up. Herefore the only real way to really make an impact is to direct injection into the scar. The dont know if the injected fibroblasts will take hold but there is some literature showing they do. Presumably cell cell communication normalizes the tissue such that you
  7. That is a good idea, I'll chronicle my experience on here. I'm attaching before and after photos, 1 and 3 are left and ride sides, while 2 and 4 are pulling the skin taut to demonstrate what the scars in theory could look like after filling in. 5 demonstrates what to expect from the biopsy, in 3 months or so I'll start the injections, bru
  8. Hey everyone i just started the laviv process for acne scars. Feel free to ask questions
  9. Basically, All the methods out there, needling, dermaroller, TCA Cross, Fraxel, all are based on the fact that you need some sort of ablation. CO2 laser is just focused heat, you're either ablating the scar tissue completely, the cells that secrete the scar tissue matrix, or you're simply inducing some sort of healing response at the sight of injury. Needling, didn't work for me, it simply made the scars deeper. Dermaroller didn't work, because it didn't really damage the scar tissue that mu
  10. Hey Guys, I call this technique "bridging". Theory(Hypothesis): Scar tissue is in a constant state of renewal. There are cellular signals forcing the scar tissue to remain in a "trauma" state. Skin cells renew so fast, that maybe reprogramming of the cells never occurs, and you constantly maintain the scarred tissue state of the cells. However, cells adjacent to the scarred tissue has the cellular chemical memory of not being in a trauma state, not secreting high amounts of peptidoglycan EC
  11. Hey Guys, I wanted to share some of my success with you. So I was having some success just with ACV(scars appeared smoother, pores appeared to close, etc.) but it wasn't great at the ice pick scars or the rolling scars. however, when i started coupling ACV to dermarolling, I'm starting to see some success. What appears to be filling of the rolling scars and ice pick scars. the rolling scars so far have shown more improvement, but the ice pick scars are also improving. so here is my meth
  12. Bruin74


    so if i got pen needles, how do i use these pen needles as they are hidden in their respective containers, do i need a pen needle ? where do i get this? thanks! bruin74
  13. I'm essentially trying this method, but using apple cider vinegar instead. I highly agree with you, the longer you hold the Q tip down on the scar, the more effect there seems to be. I'm very excited as this seems to speed up the process of scar tissue depletion. I was rubbing it rather superficially on the tops of the scars for the past 3 or so months, but it was very slow process. Holding the q tip on the scar directly, firmly pushing down, wow, i noticed differences quick. i should note
  14. hey gigababe, if anything it's temporary, it looks worse for about 3 days post treatment, but gets better everyday after that. Just keep it up, it's worked wonders for me, it really has leveled out a lot of my scarring
  15. Very inspiring, is there any way you could post pictures?
  16. I'm keeping up with this method. It's still helping. I think more people should use this method.
  17. this method would be good for any type of scar i believe, it just might take different amounts of time. it seems to be the best for boxcar scars.
  18. that is fantastic news that you're getting such good results karli. are there others who are using this treatment as well besides you and notsoscarredforever that are having significant results. i wanted to report that i'm actually starting to see improvement in my ice picks, I was getting discouraged that they weren't filling in, however i looked at one last night and it appears as if it's filling in from the bottom first, and slowly filling into the top, keep in mind this is my worst scar,
  19. To those who are reporting negative results...I"m a little confused, but one would assume you're going too aggressively. My scars never frosted, they just became red. Even if they frost however that is dermal proteins aggregating at the point of injury...so I'm a little confused as to how you are getting bad results. What were your scars shape? How did you apply the ACV? How dilute was it(undiluted is 5%)? How many times did you apply the ACV with a Q-tip or toothpick? Did you pierce the ski
  20. Hey everyone, I took two tablets of omega III tablets, I believe this is 2000mg, per day? That really helped control my sebaceous oil production. As to the the fact that ice pick scars take longer to fill in, I believe this is because these in fact are the deepest scars, and so will take the longest time to fill in. The boxcar scars filled in the quickest for me, the many little indentations that were shallow but we all know how bad they look. My icepick scars are slowly....slowly...fill
  21. I was really aggressive with lemon method, and it might just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but it looks like it's improved significantly from prior to treatment, this may be due to healing from not using ACV, or it may have been significant. I applied lemon juice via Qtip. I used approximately 5 applications, until it began to sting. I stopped, waited for it to all be soaked in, and went to sleep. The next 3 days I saw what looked to be some filling in as the redness went down. Everyday i
  22. Lemon juice, alone or in combination with other ingredients, is used to marinate meat before cooking: the acid provided by the juice partially hydrolyzes the tough collagen fibers in the meat (tenderizing the meat), though the juice does not have any antibiotic effects. -Wikipedia this must be how this method is working. The crosslinks of the collagen fibers are becoming hydrolyzed allowing for new deposition of fresh collagen to arise. bruin74