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  1. i dont eat any meat but i eat lots of pasta which has many benifits to your body including the skin
  2. just keeping rubbing it in until you cant see it anymore, many people give up after 5 mins but bear in mind that your skin has got used to BP being applied which has made your skin harder and less absorbent than soft skin you had before the regimen! so just rub BP in until its all gone
  3. gillete mac 3 turbo ~~ the best razor out there
  4. i use Gillete clear have gel with vitamin E, its amaxing so smooooth and makes your skin supple, plus you can see where you are shaving! if finish shaving with Nivea for men after shave balm
  5. i use vasaline intensive care, dry skin lotion and its fine i have no peeling no redness and just pimples left
  6. jeez dont even get me started about celtic!
  7. just a little article a came across about some guy beating acne from within rather than all the shit people put on their faces which costs £££££££ take a look its only a small column but it sounds good.. http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/lifestyle/health_p..._review/399295/
  8. y0u must be happy to be re united?
  9. lol why do u have a liverpool top if you support someone else?? :-k
  10. me? no i think ugot me wrong i have like hottish water not scolding hot water thats mad id look like a tomato or summit!
  11. thats a terrible team to support! i support the one and only scousers liverpool although i live in gloucester in the south! nottingham forest =;
  12. lol good to hear youre cool now..where du live in the UK? my GF says i spend too long on the puter and should spend my time taking her out! no way....lol
  13. hot and cold compress's of water will stimulate oil glands in your face and produce excess oil....leadig to pimples i say wash your face with warm water pat dry and leave it to cool down and dry off by itself.....
  14. ditto i have my shower water fairly hot cus it opens all my pores and makes my skin feel smooth,i love the feel of the hot water on me........ i have mostly clear skin now ot from hot water im guessing more down to the regimen