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  1. Has anyone had punch graft done for the nose? I have a smooth scar there for which I'm thinking about a skin graft to make the skin appear to be of similar texture to the surrounding skin. The skin with the scar tissue is too smooth and reflects light differently, making it appear red or dark.
  2. Has anyone ever tried 'Youthful Essence' home microdermabrasion? I'm not advertising for it - but was watching TV and saw the informercial. I just had micro-derm done this past monday and loved the results but it's quite expensive. Has anyone bought or tried this do-it-yourself kit with the machine that comes with it? Sounds too good to be true, but if it works i'll buy it!
  3. i just wanted to comment that my restalyne injection really deflated after 4 days. I guess the first 2 days the indents looked really filled in due to the swelling, but after the swelling subsided i could see the indents again. the doctor did mention that i may need more and for me to come back on March 2 to see if i needed more restalyne. i might as well since i have already paid for a whole needle full of this collagen. hopefully the indents will be filled in after this second round, plus
  4. Has anyone used this cleanser and soap before? It claims to help acne. I just received it but wanted to get other people's feedback. Does it work? Is it drying? I just don't want to use something which will break me out.
  5. I just had my appointment with Dr. Arndt today and he was THE NICEST doctor I have ever met!!!! I was expecting someone cold, curt, and condescending because he has written so many books and articles about scars and lasers and is so highly respected in his field. But he was quite the contrary! What a pleasant surprise! He took his time with me, offered different options, and had a very good sense of humor. I had three problems which I presented to him: 1) raised border around indented r
  6. hi emmanuel - i have the same bumps under my lip. i thought these were keloid scars but the laser surgeon said 'they were enlarged oil glands' or something like that, but not keloid scars. they're from acne. what i had done today was get Erbium YAG done on these spots. and i know the doctor said there was another patient coming in to treat the same problem on his nose today, with the same YAG laser he user on me. I don't know how it looks yet. Right now, it red and soar. I will have
  7. I have asian skin too. I was also thinking of getting a skin graft for one or more scars. Could you please explain the procedure and the recovery time? How long did you have to wear stitches? Did you have any grafts done on your nose?
  8. Which Kinerase formula works best? I'm new to this product and would like to buy it off eBay, but when it appeared on eBay, there seems to be different formulas??? Please help. Thanks!
  9. Craig - Yeah I tried to get an appointment with Dr. Kaminer but he was booked until March! I'm hoping to get some thing done in February and the other doctors seem just as capable. I have my fingers crossed, but by now I'm kinda jaded and doubt anyone can suggest anything new to me that would really work.
  10. I looked at CoverGirls website and I don't see the green concealer stick? Do they only sell in in stores? Is it liquid or like a lipstick type of thing? thanks
  11. All - website: www.SkinCarePhysicians.net Has anyone in Mass. every been to see doctors at this clinic? They seem very famous and renowned by their credentials, but I want to know someone's personal experience with them. I am seeing Dr. Arndt in Feb but the consultation fee is $150!!!!! Yikes!!! I've already spent like $600 over the years on consultation fees alone!!!! SO, if you have gone there, whom did you see? Was he patient and helpful? Did you get a procedure done there? W
  12. Any other ideas besides make up which I'm alreay using??
  13. Hey everyone, I have a funny problem. My moustache area (if I were male) is lighter than the rest of my face. I think it's because my nose and lips shade this area so it doesn't get much sun! So, in order to even the skin tone out, I was thinking of either tanning that one area by just applying tanning oil there and slowly let it get darker, or I was thinking of using self-tanner on that little area. One problem I'm afraid would happen is that the moustache area will get DARKER than the r
  14. Hi, Has anyone tried the Erbium Yag Laser? I think it's ablative and I'm thinking of using it to smooth down some rasied scar tissue. Do you think it'll work? and what's the down time? I've had CO2 laser before and will never use CO2 again if I can help it! It was horrible and the vaseline I had to smear on all the time after the procedure broke me out and caused more scarring. Please let me know if you have tried the Erbium Laser, for what type of scar, what the down time was like, a