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  1. They take your blood, centrifuge to isolate plasma and fraction it. Cook it I think and inject into your face to start cell regeneration process. There's a gloopy yellow picture they say forms and acts as a natural filler whilst it releases all the proteins and collagen you want over the next 12 months. Last time I gave blood I went night night. Look into stem cell fat grafting if you have money. Do you have a link please mate
  2. About 70% better, just have some surface scars and one I got after erbium when I had Dermapen. My problem is I need to make my skin look more vibrant, youthful, remove some redness and just plump it all up with more collagen and elastin, hence my keen interest in PRGF. I ALWAYS do my research into treatments and I've come a long long way from where I was. I'm quite excited by PRGF though.
  3. seems like a rip of PRP PRGF seems to be older than PRP but only just hitting the market as it was widely used in dentistry initially and dental implants as guy who discovered is a world class dental surgeon. From what I can see... it's a more fine tuned PRP with a wider range of applications. It doesn't use blood or white blood cells thus reducing inflammation and promoting better healing. They say: Whatever that means... I hate giving blood because I'm a bit of
  4. erbium has a huge downtime - it was a massive shock for me to wake up in hospital and look in the mirror. I knew it would be bad as obviously i did my research but I looked a lot worse than any pics I had seen. i did initially take a pic but couldn't keep it as I was scared anyone would see it. I'm not kidding, it looked like i had been in a car crash. Erbium can cause scarring but my surgeon was adamant that it was the best laser to use without question.
  5. Has anyone heard of something called PRGF? It's used by Barcelona FC and other top football teams because it's meant to make you regenerate cells faster and they are now using it in skin? It stimulates growth of elastin, collagen, fibrin and other proteins by making a fibrin membrane in your body using your own plasma. They are saying it's not a vampire facelift because they don't use the leukocytes in the blood and white cells because they cause inflammation. The whole point is it's suppose