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  1. The best place to go is a place that offers grilled food like damons or something and order salmon or chicken, kfc is another good choise but get chicken only cause side dishes like bread may cause acne.
  2. I never wash my face in the shower, whenever i do my skin gets 99 dry lol
  3. Through tons of research and trial and error Ive found the real cure for acne. The only way to finally cure your acne once and for all is to eat for your METABOLIC TYPE. This is a scientifically proven system for optimum health and acne free skin. I stumbled across this by accident. I was eating healthy, tons of fruits and veggies, and while my skin was clear I felt weakness and abnormal. I thought the perricone diet was legit, I thought mabie the blood type diet had was somewhat true but Ive
  4. LOL, I've never called anyone stupid. Bottom line is 80% people wont give up bread and cheese no matter what, so they may have acne forever. From all the research I've done IM CERTAIN not MABIE but IM CERTAIN that this info will help ANYONE with acne unless they overuse acne products, thus clogging pores even more. I never said fast food or kfc was healthy. I said that if you have to cheat then kfc, chicken only no sides wont cause acne for you. Side dishes like bread and mashed patatoes cause
  5. This is beyond retarded. U dont need any lotions, creams urine or anything like that, just eat healthy, drink water and ur skin will clear up.
  6. I dont usually respond to hate messages, but some of you are a discrace. I come here sharing info, trying to HELP YOU, and all you do is hate. U need jesus in your life. Sure I could type in a more educated manner, I'm a well educated person but this is a little message board. I type 100000 words per minute and when I come here I could care less about how it sounds to you. If you dont want help just dont click on my threads. Yes I have posted many acne remedies they ALL WORK, at least for me
  7. Calf liver is very very important for proper prostagland function whichs controlls all ur horomones. Some people may find that adding calf liver to there diet cures there acne. Its very high in zinc, vitamin a, C, b6, selenium and chromium all which fight acne, AND it contains VERY IMPORTANT nutrients that are hard to get like lipoic acid-fat and water soluable antioxidant, coq10 and chromium which helps regulate blood sugar. Eating calf lover is like taking a powerful suppliment, it will OPTI
  8. LOL u misunderstood the part about chicken. Everyone knows black people love chicken but thats not why I posted it GROWN UP MAN. I posted chicken because it dosnt involve cheese or bread like 90% other fast foods. KFC is familiar so i listed it as a option just in case u dont fee like cooking or eating salads. From my personal experience when i eat mcdonalds, subway or any fast food that involves bread or cheese i get new pimples but when i eat chicken or chinese food like general souls chicken
  9. First of all im not saying this will work 100% for everyone but for some im sure it will make a drastic diffeence. The problem is most people dont have a plan to conquer acne and they dont know where to start. Some may start diets but then they always cheat because they dont feel like cooking or whatever. Here is a easy, cheap plan to follow that should prevent new pimples from forming. Any grocery store should carry wild alaskan canned red salmon, the canned form of salmon not tuna is just as
  10. great post, i found that website about people with acne are actually healthy and our bodies deal with toxins diff than people without acne, i tryed to tell people that long ago everyone dismissed it.
  11. Proper diet [prevents new pimples but wont do anything for ur current ones so be patient. Add seafood more in ur diet other than meat cause meet is hard to digest and can clog ur colon leading to acne. Meat and espcially any food thats tays in ur system lonnger than 24 hours can trigger a reaction so get plenty of fiber to.
  12. mabie ur eating the FARM raised salmon which contains all kinds of garbage that cause acne LOL. U also gotta use common sence if u eat salmon followed by a box of snack cakes then of course it wont work. Im not saying u do that but all I know is salmon works WONDERS for myself. Eat NATURAL wild caught salmon fruits and veggies for breakfast lunch and dinner 3 days str8 and if ur overall complexion and acne donsnt improve a lot then ur digestive system must be not working. I think its called mala
  13. I read in perricone book lifting weights can cause acne cause it causes ur body to stress, u need more EFAs to block release of stress horomone. On a good note the more muscles someone has the more sugar they can eat without it aggravating acne because excess is stored in muscles and used as energy wont cause acne but when ur muscles and liver are full of excess sugar and or horomes thats when u get acne/
  14. its best to get zink from foods cause suppliments espcially over 15 mg can interfere with other IMPORTant nutrients like copper and iron.
  15. Like i said luckly i found a store in my area that sells WILD caught singles 5 oz peices of all natural salmon for only 99 cents. Plantonic chronic I got ur private message, LOL, Im not here to argue Im here to help. If you wanna talk trash then dont message me and dont click on my threads all Im doin is sharing what has worked for me and my friends. If you dont wanna try it thats fine. Also fish oil dosnt contain DMAE and other nutrients that salmon have and its ALWAYS better to get nutrients