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  1. Well this post does bot boast great news. Accutane has continued to work, however, I went to the derm for some spots around my mouth and she said it wasn't acne, but dermatitis. Now I am not generally one to question medical authorities, however, I kind of just think I happen to have pimples around my mouth. Oh well, Tetracycline for me, we will see how it works!
  2. I am hitting the one year mark soon and I have only had one substantial pimple since initially being clear. It was on my eyebrow, I don't think it was as big as I thought it was though because the placement on my face left me with the ability to see it when I looked up! It seemed huge! But that is great news! Hopefully everyone else has as good of luck as I have had! Taren
  3. Hello everyone! Just a quick post to say still all clear!! Hope everyone is having a good day! Some oil, but nothing like before, haven't had a single cyst, been off accutane for about 10 months. Only have had a few tiny little red bumps that last about a day and are easily concealable, basically nothing but clear skin!
  4. Hello everyone! Its been months since I have updated. I just wanted to let everyone know that my skin is still clear. I have had some microscopic bumps that I could only feel, and not really see. The oil has come back but its almost just the perfect amount really. It keeps my skin from not being dry. The only time its noticeable to the naked eye is in the mornings, and its not every morning either. Before, I looked like I was sweating 24/7. I know my acne was largely due to overactive oi
  5. Hi there! So glad to hear that everything is going great! I have been doing well also. I haven't had a cyst since about the same time as you. I have the little bit of oil on the nose when I wake up like you, but its nothing like it was before! Have a great day! Taren
  6. Just had to post this!! I was in the school were I work and I was down talking to one of the other teachers and in the middle of her conversation she stopped and said, What have you done to your skin, it is just beautiful, its so clear, just beautiful! I was kind of emberassed because that means she obviously was very aware of my acne covered skin from before, but it was nice to hear that its looking so good too. I haven't seen a lot of these people for nearly three months so I am sure that
  7. MAN! Got a teensy whitehead on my lip. Not a huge deal, but sort of scary to be getting them as I draw near to the end. I will have no more perscriptions to fill, just have to finish what I have, which I am unsure of what is left. I was supposed to have labs today but I will have to cancel them when I get there, derm said she doesn't need them. I have to get a physical though for work! Bleck, work starts in one week today. Sort of excited, but dreading it at the same time. Taking a littl
  8. Hope you continue to see positive results post accutane! Hope your liver doesn't hurt anymore! Taren
  9. I had terrible cracks in the corners of both my lips, they sucked. I just did what you did and kept applying stuff to them. I used carmex. Its just a hard part to heal because you are always using your mouth for something! So everytime I would take a bite of food, they wouldcrack back open!
  10. So far she has only chewed up one pair of shoes. She has lots of toys she can chew on so she pretty much sticks to those. Right now she is barking like crazy in the basement, but I just shampooed the carpet so I don't want to let her upstairs and its storming outside so hopefully she wears out soon and takes a nap! YEAH for rain! We need it so badly! Have a good day everyone! Taren
  11. Here is Molly!!!! THe cheek in the one picture is mine, look, CLEAR! Have a good day!
  12. Hi everyone! Long time no typing I know. I have been supier busy traveling, and working on various projects. I am trying to post pics of the new puppy, but my computer is not cooperating! I will keep trying though! Hope everyone is doing fantatically! Andrea- I know how you feel about being lazy when it comes to posting, I just never want to! Bella- She is tons of work, but worth it. I left her outside by herself for a good 2 hours yesterday, well with the other lab that I have, and
  13. Hi everyone! Thought I would post while the pup was asleep. She woke up barking I don't know how many times last night. She slept from 5ish am to like 10ish though so I made up for some of the sleep. I will try to post a pic here shortly. I went golfing saturday from 9-3 it was a heat index of 105 and blazing sun. Needless to say I got burned. But its not too bad, not super painful, but stupid tan lines. My face really only burned right on my nose so I look like rudolph. Hope everyone i
  14. I am so sorry I haven't been replying. I got the pup, named her Molly. I have been sooooo stinkin busy with her. I finally got her to take a nap today. This is like havin a kid!!!! I will give replies later! Take care Taren
  15. HAHA Chris- I think If I got pregnant, I wouldn't be asking for babynames on the ORG to let everyone know how DUMB I am!! Your post made me laugh!! Baxter is cute!